International Journal of Nursing Education and Research (IJNER) [ISSN-2347-8640 (Print); ISSN-2454-2660 (Online)] is an international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to nursing sciences. The research design used was quasi experiment design with pretest multiple posttest comparison group design. The purpose of the journal is to bring advancement in nursing education. Educ. Child abuse is like a virus which affects and alters one physically, replicates itself and infects more victims. International Journal of Nursing Practice is a Subscription-based (non-OA) Journal. Publishers own the rights to the articles in their journals. The aim of this study to identify the factors affecting missed immunization in children among parents at selected areas, District, Jalandhar, Punjab. Pretest was conducted for both groups when uterine contraction of duration more than 20 seconds. IJNK enlists a board of international experts who assure that the journal serves as an essential resource for healthcare professionals concerned with developing … The Journal of Nursing Education is a monthly, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles and new ideas for nurse educators in various types and levels of nursing programs for over 50 years. About. The results revealed that there is significantly (p<0.05) less pain felt by the children who viewed animated cartoon movie during intravenous cannulation than those children who did not receive it. The chart shows the evolution of the average number of times documents published in a journal in the past two, three and four years have been cited in the current year. Data Source: Scopus®, Metrics based on Scopus® data as of April 2020, International Journal of Nursing Education. Oral health is an integral component of general health. Stress management refers to the wide spectrum of techniques and psychotherapies aimed at controlling a person's levels of stress, especially chronic stress, usually for the purpose of improving everyday functioning. Articles & Issues . Email(will not be published) Google-based Impact Factor (2017): 4.02. h-index (January 2018): 19. i10-index (January 2018): 100. h5-index (January 2018): 17 . Adopting pre-experimental design, the study was conducted with 30 mothers of under five children. This study was conducted to assess the correlation of level of anxiety, social phobia and academic achievement among students of a selected nursing college, Ludhiana. The study sample included B.Sc Nursing students of Institute of Nursing Education, GTB Hospital, Ludhiana. & Nelson, A. Journal description. Q1 (green) comprises the quarter of the journals with the highest values, Q2 (yellow) the second highest values, Q3 (orange) the third highest values and Q4 (red) the lowest values. In countries like India where a huge section of the population live below poverty line and where awareness among women for cervical cancer control and treatment remain very limited even years after implementation of the national cancer control programme in 1975, and the recent breakthrough in the global war against cervical cancer does not seem to have much impact. View aims and scope . Journal Self-citation is defined as the number of citation from a journal citing article to articles published by the same journal. It was concluded that cartoon distraction is an effective distraction method for the children undergoing venipuncture. ISO 4 è uno standard internazionale che definisce il sistema per le abbreviazioni presenti nelle pubblicazioni. International Journal of Advanced Nursing Education and Research, Volume 5, pp 31-36; doi:10.21742/ijaner.2020.5.1.04 Nursing education includes practical training of new methods and exchange of information regarding teaching, learning, technology, the recruitment and retention of students, and other information related to nursing. Menu. edited by dawn freshwater, beverley j. taylor, and gwen sherwood . The chart shows the ratio of a journal's documents signed by researchers from more than one country; that is including more than one country address. It has been estimated that 100,000 new cases of cancer of the cervix occur in India every year & 70% or more of these are stage III or higher at diagnosis. We publish manuscripts that further scholarly inquiry and improve practice through innovation and creativity in all aspects of gerontological nursing. 2. The International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research is an open-access, peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes high-quality manuscripts on innovative research covering all aspects of nursing and medical care. IJNER's aim is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the publication of … Download the form to your computer. The SJR is a size-independent prestige indicator that ranks journals by their 'average prestige per article'. 9 [2012], Iss. International Collaboration accounts for the articles that have been produced by researchers from several countries. issue 13-4. hurting at work: the lived experience of older nurses OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS Journal Help USER Username Password Remember me Journal Metrics. International Peer-reviewed and Open Access Journal for the Nursing Specialists. Then the two tools were administered to the students and they were instructed not to leave any part blank. You are previewing: International Journal of Nursing Education International Journal of Nursing Education. Latest issues. Sign in to set up alerts. Latest issue; All issues; Articles in press; Article collections; About; Publish; Submit your article Guide for authors. The tool included was base line proforma- Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale. International Journal of Nursing (IJN) is a peer reviewed, open access nursing journal devoted to publishing research papers and scholarship about nursing education, health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. 1, Art. 6.3 CiteScore. Ratio of a journal's items, grouped in three years windows, that have been cited at least once vs. those not cited during the following year. It was statistically significant at p < 0.01 level. About this journal. Data provided are for informational purposes only. The insight gained from this project can prove beneficial to the local and international nursing education community, in improving nursing education for global practice. The International Journal of Nursing Studies (IJNS) provides a forum for original research and scholarship about health care delivery, organisation, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. Stress is more common in the cancer patients. Publish. 4.We encourage research from developing countries. Exploring the experiences of nursing students in using immersive virtual reality to learn nursing skills Yu Mei Chang, Chin Lun Lai In Press, Journal Pre-proof, Available online 17 November 2020 The alleviation of pain is important. The abdominal effleurage was performed for subjects in experimental group from the onset of each uterine contractions of duration more than 20 seconds till relaxation and further abdominal effleurage was repeated for every subsequent contraction up to the contraction of duration more than 40 seconds and for subjects in comparison group pharmacological intervention (Inj: Fortwin 30mg IM and Inj: Phenergan 25mg IM) were administered from the onset of uterine contraction of duration more than 20 seconds and repeated after 4 hours if women demanded. Cancer of the cervix is the most common cancer among women in India. It publishes scientific articles related to nursing and midwifery. One group pre test posttest design was adopted. The result of the study showed that the abdominal effleurage was effective in reducing labour pain compared to pharmacological intervention. The Numerical pain scale was used for assessing the labour pain among primi parturients. View aims and scope Submit your article Guide for authors. Study findings revealed that the mean score of reduction of labour pain was lower in comparison group and higher in experimental group for posttest 1 and posttest 2 and t-value for posttest 1 and posttest 2 were 5.547* and 7.273* respectively, significant at 0.05 level. Nursing is a profession requiring the skills in performing different tasks during the course of day for coping with time limitations and pressure. Kenny's. could be refined for nursing students is offered. Articles & Issues. The findings of the study revealed that mean post test knowledge score (18.25) and practice score (16.63) were significantly higher than pre test knowledge score (14.53) and practice score (13.35) respectively. J. Nurs. The effects of stress may vary from person to person. WELCOME to the International Journal of Nursing Research (IJNR) provides a forum for articles on all aspects of higher degree nursing education, research, and management. * Required. 1.The journal intend to publish articles related to research in specialties of nursing education, care and practice The International Nurses Society on Addictions (IntNSA) is dedicated to the advancement of nursing care for the prevention and treatment of addictions for diverse populations across all practice settings through advocacy, collaboration, education, research and policy development. A leading journal in its field, International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship publishes significant peer-reviewed scholarship in the broad field of nursing education. Corrigendum to “The effectiveness of manual-guided, problem-solving-based self-learning programme for family caregivers of people with recent-onset psychosis: A randomised controlled trial with 6-month follow-up” [International Journal of Nursing Studies 59 (2016) 141–155] It publishes articles related to nursing and midwifery. 60 mothers of under five children were selected by using simple random sampling technique (Lottery method). 1 Brought to you by | University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Authenticated | Download Date | 9/10/14 8:33 PM. OPEN JOURNAL SYSTEMS Journal Help USER Username Password Remember me Journal Metrics. The Journal of Nursing Scholarship (JNS) is a peer-reviewed journal, published six times per year for subscribers and members of the honor society of nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International. International Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Research The International Journal of Nursing and Healthcare Research (IJNHR) is an online journal and international peer review Biannual , scientific and professional journal emphasizing quality Nursing and Healthcare discoveries and innovations. Two standardized tools were used for assessment of Social phobia and Anxiety among students. 5.The journal is open access. 1.6 CiteScore. Dietary pattern and prevalence of overweight & obesity among children aged 6–11 years in southern part of Kerala, India-A pilot study, Effectiveness of STP on Oral Health Practices among the Children (6–14 Yrs), Nurses’ Role in Acute Postoperative Pain Management: A Survey of 16 Tertiary Hospitals of Maharashtra, Association between Breast Feeding and Childhood Obesity among School-going Children, 5–16 years of Age in Karachi, Pakistan, A Study to Screen School Going Children of Age Group 9–16 Year for Refractive Errors, A Comparative Study to assess the Knowledge Regarding Impact of Television on Children among Parents at Selected Rural and Urban Areas of District Jalandhar, Punjab, 2014, A Descriptive Study to assess the Level of Stress and its Coping Strategies among Cancer Patients in Selected Hospitals of Punjab, 2014, A Descriptive Study to assess the Factors Affecting Missed Immunization in Children among Parents at Selected Areas, District Jalandhar, Punjab, 2014, A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effect of Hot Application on Phlebitis among Patients on Intravenous Therapy at Selected Hospitals, Jalandhar, Punjab, 2014, A Quasi-Experimental Study to assess the effectiveness of Cartoon Animation Movie on Pain During Intravenous Cannulation among Children at Pediatric Ward of Selected Hospitals, Jalandhar, Punjab, 2014, An Exploratory Study to assess the Level of Stress and Associated Factors among Parents of Children with Thalassemia in Pediatric Unit at Selected Hospitals of Punjab, 2014, Awareness on Prevention of Cardiovascular Health Problems among Students of Higher Secondary Schools of Chandannath Municipality, Nepal, 2015, A descriptive study to assess the biopsychosocial problems among menopausal women in selected areas of Jalandhar, Punjab, 2015, A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding Selfie as a Mental Disorder among Students of Selected Educational Institution in Jalandhar, Punjab, 2015, A Quasi Experimental Study to Assess the Effect of Relaxation Technique on Stress Related to Adjustmental Problems among Staff Nurses working in Selected Hospitals of District Jalandhar, Punjab, 2015, An Exploratory Study to Assess the Psychosocial Problems Experienced by Migrants Residing in Selected Districts of Punjab, 2015, The Correlation between Knowledge, Attitude and Motivation of Cadre with the Tuberculosis Suspect Identification in the Padang Bulan Public Health Center 2016, Digeorge syndrome-chromosome 22q1l deletion syndrome: An update and review, A Study to Assess the Knowledge on the Supplementary Feeding among Mothers with Children age 6–24 Months in Selected Rural Community at Mullana, Ambala, A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Promotive Educational Program Regarding Osteoporosis among Female Teaching Staff (25–35 Years) in Selected Colleges at Moradabad (U.P), “Floating heart” application of holographic 3D imaging in nursing education, Effectiveness of Inflatable Lumbar Support (ILS) for the Prevention of Short Term Backache among Post-operative Female Patients Undergoing Lower Abdominal Surgery Under Spinal Anesthesia, Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice Regarding the Use of Incentive Spirometry among Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery, Effectiveness of Protocol-Based Postoperative Nursing Care among Post-Abdominal Surgery Patients, Effectiveness of Abdominal Effleurage versus Pharmacological Intervention on Labour Pain among Primi Parturients Admitted in Labour Room, Discourse Analysis of Online Discussion Forum of Undergraduate Nursing Student's Perceptions and Observations about Elder Abuse in Society, A Comparative Study to Assess the Knowledge on Child Abuse among Mothers Residing in Urban and Rural Community, Prevalence of Interpersonal Sexual Abuse among Married Female Nurses and Doctors in Karachi, Pakistan, Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge of High School Children Regarding Prevention of Sexual Abuse, A Study to Assess the Knowledge of Higher Secondary School Teachers Regarding Substance Abuse in Selected Schools of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Child Abuse and its Prevention among the Mothers of Under Five Children, Assessment of Academic Stress among Bsc Nursing Students, Learning style(S) preferences and the perception of the learner's learning style with academic performance of nursing students in a private university, Oman, A Correlational Study to Assess the Relation of Anxiety and Social Phobia with Academic Performance of Students in a Selected Nursing College, Ludhiana, Punjab, A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Internet Exposure on Academic Performance and Social Behavior of Adolescents: A Narrative Review, A Comparative Analysis of Academic Performance of Diploma Nursing Students of Public, Private and Faith based Schools in Tanzania, A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Pranayama on Academic Stress among 10 th Standard Students in Selected High Schools at Chennai, Nursing Students’ Perception and Practices Related to Academic Integrity, Best Practices in Building Academic – Service Partnerships in Nursing: Views from the Lens of Nursing Administrators, Students, Faculty and Staff Nurses, Assess the Perception and Acceptance of Treatment for Impaired Fertility among Males Attending Infertility Clinic at IOG, Chennai-A Descriptive Study, Enrichment Programme in Kabul, Afghanistan: Access to Higher Education at Aga Khan University, Karachi Pakistan, Accessing Community through a Nursing Course: Evidence Based Practice, Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice Regarding, Prevention of Childhood Accidents among the Mothers of Under Five Children, Peer Education Method Better in Improving First Aid Skills of Traffic Accidents than Demonstration: A Comparative Study, Effectiveness of Educational Intervention of Women's Participation in Cervical Cancer Screening by Acetic Acid Application on the Cervix Versus Pap Smear for Screening Precancerous Cervical Lesions, Facilitating NCLEX-RN Success using Model Achieve in a Community based Program for Internationally Prepared Nurses, Achieving 100% Reporting of Hypoglycemia in a Tertiary Care Hospital through a Structured Action Pathway & Persistent Monitoring Tool among Nurses, Comparative Assessment of Problem-Based Learning and Traditional Teaching to Acquire Knowledge on Ventilator Associated Pneumonia, Field Trip for Case Study: Action Research to Improve Teaching and Learning in Midwifery Course, Study on Effectiveness of Intervention Programme on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Impact of Walking Exercise on Old Age Activities of Daily Living among Old Age Persons in Tripura West District, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser.