By Madhumita Mishra Raw Banana is rich in Vitamin-C ,B6 , many micro- nutrients like potassium , magnetic and Calcium required for bone density, development as well as management. Raw banana kofta curry, Kacha kela kofta recipe. Please rate this recipe: 5.00 Ratings. These raw bananas are called “vaalaikkai” in tamil, “kacha kela” in hindi. About Us . The recipie is listed in Mutton Gosht and Beef Gosht. Learn How to make Raw Banana Sabzi (Kache Kele ki Sabzi) - A very delicious dry side dish prepared with raw bananas (kacha kela) and a tasty mix of spices. Great recipe for Kacha Kela Masala Fry. Boil the kacha kela / raw banana in a pressure cooker up to 2 whistles. Cut the plantain in half (do not remove skin.Place both pieces on top of trivet in the insert pot and add 1 cup of water into the insert. Close lid and turn valve to sealing position. Add green chili, black peppercorns, clove, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds and fry for a few seconds. Learn how to make this delightful Jain snacks recipe. Ajadina means dry sabzi in Tulu and Bareda kai means plantain or raw banana or as we say in Hindi – kaccha Kela. Kacche Kele ke Kebab (Raw Banana Kebabs) recipe with step by step pictures. Nov 27, 2015 - Kacha Kela (Plantain) Kofta Recipe: A delicious Bengali recipe, Kacha Kela koftas in thick and spicy gravy. Kacha Kela ki sabji | Vaalakkai-Curd curry recipe – step by step preparation of a side dish for parathas with raw banana, curd and spices which is very healthy. Combine it with few basic spices and create a crispy and crunchy vegan snack perfect for Navratri . Kacche Kele ke kebab or Raw Banana Kebab is very nice and delicious snack that can be enjoyed with tea or any other drink. Kachcha Kela Masala Sabzi Recipe is a healthful technique to put together the uncooked bananas. Making south-Indian style kacche kele ki sabzi involves tempering cooked plantains with coconut oil, curry leaves, and simmering it in a mixture of coconut and Kundapur masala powder (or chili powder). Read on for a recipe with step by step pics. Showing 1 Result(s) Appetizers Kela Methi nu Shaak | Banana Fenugreek Curry. Then remove the skin and grate. kacha kela nu shaak. May 15, 2017 August 17, 2016. If grating cooked raw banana, allow to cool. This snack is made by deep-frying the raw bananas in the oil. Hold the grater in one hand and the banana in the other hand. Cool them for 30 to 40 mins. Kacha Kela Na Bhajiya is another delicious snack that will delight your lazy, relaxed mood. Let the seeds crackle. Kacha Kela Masala Fry 3 to 4 servings By Madhumita Mishra Raw Banana is rich in Vitamin-C ,B6 , many micro- nutrients like potassium , magnetic and Calcium required for … A quick-cooking curry with kachcha kela (raw bananas or plantain) that’s easy enough to make for beginners – no intricate slicing, no artful pounding/grinding, no watchfulness needed while the dish is on the heat. Start from the top of the grater blade and push the banana towards the bottom in … Recipe- Raw Banana/ Kacha kela Kofta Curry Home » All Recipes » Recipe- Raw Banana/ Kacha kela Kofta Curry Posted By Vibhuti Jain on Mar 1, 2016 in All Recipes , Curries, Daal & Vegetables , Healthier Twists | Vazhaka(Raw banana) Curry - spicy - simple crispy kacha kela curry.added dania powder,red chilli,haldi after its cooked.if added before,the ingredients stick to kadai.I experienced this way is more effective. Easy and quick to make Raw banana fry to relish with chapati , poori and have a filling meal. In case, you want to know what is kofta then within a few words, I would say this a savoury small balls made with vegetables, meat etc. कच्चे केले की स्वादिष्ट कोफ्ता करी -Kachke Kele Ke Kofte - Raw Banana Kofta Curry Recipe - Duration: 15:46. (Rated by 1 people) कच्चे केले की सूखी सब्जी । Raw Banana Fry । Kache Kele Ki Sukhi Sabzi Nisha Madhulika Rating: 5.00 out of … If you’ve got some overripe bananas languishing in your fruit bowl, put them to good use with these creative and delicious recipe. Add asafetida and mustard seeds. 5. It also has dietary fiber that helps in digestion. Just like sweet potatoes and bottle gourd, raw bananas make a excellent fasting ingredient. This Navratri, I was lucky to get my hands on four raw bananas and thought of giving this recipe a try. With the myTaste search engine, you're searching through all the major Indian recipe sites. 2. Matoki No Chevdo | Kacha kela No Chevdo Monday, 20 February 2012 in gluten free , gujarati cuisine , snacks - 4 comments These days, fasts consist of eating … View Recipe Ingredients; Check Price for Ingredients; View Recipe Directions kanch kolar kofta curry (Green banana recipe), how to make Kofta curry recipe? In a pan heat oil. 1. Serve the Kachcha Kela Masala Sabzi Recipe together with favourite Dal for a lunch and even pack it right into a lunch field Search through 160000 recipes. Viewed 54854 times. Raw Banana Sabzi Recipe – an easy dry sabzi made from raw bananas or kaccha kela, mildy spiced with spices, with a hint of fresh coconut. You may also like these recipes . I like it I dont like it . Dec 2, 2015 - Kacha Kela (Plantain) Kofta Recipe: A delicious Bengali recipe, Kacha Kela koftas in thick and spicy gravy. This recipe comes from my mothers fabulous collection and is made quite often in our house. Raw banana[Vazhakkai, kacha kela] – ½ cup or 4 tbsp; Onion – 1 [finely chopped] Green chilli – 1 tbsp [finely chopped] for kids [ ¼ tsp] Ginger & garlic– 1 tbsp [chopped] ... Vazhakkai stuffed paratha recipe Kacha kela ka stuffed paratha Rate this recipe . Find thousands of Urdu recipes online. His recipe portal is a complete cookery manual with a compendium of more than 10,000 tried & tested recipes, videos, articles, tips & trivia and a wealth of information on the art and craft of cooking in both English and Hindi. Everything chopped or grated "roughly", all spice measurements open to personalization. Read on for a recipe with step by step pics. May 20, 2019 By admin Leave a Comment. Kacha kela kofta is a pure Bengali veg recipe. Raw banana kofta curry is a very flavorful, soft kofta made curry. kacha kela nu shaak. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a non stick pan add mustard seeds when it … Desimejwani is dedicated to day to day easy to cook and healthy recipes totally in desi style. It has amazing health benefits. Gosht Aur Kacha Kela Urdu Recipe, Step by step instructions of the recipe in Urdu and English, easy ingredients, calories, preparation time, serving and videos in Urdu cooking. Other raw banana recipes:-Vaalaikkai Masala हिन्दी में पढ़ें ... Before grating you may cook the banana as the recipe demands. One can put it between bread and eat it as a sandwich or it can be used as a Patty for a Burger. Ingredients for Raw Banana fry : Raw Banana - 3 ( 500 gms ) raw banana, kacha kela. Then add 10 cashews (chopped) or 14 to 16 roasted peanuts (coarsely crushed), ½ tsp finely chopped ginger, 1 green chili (finely chopped), ½ to 1 tsp freshly crushed black pepper, ½ tsp cumin powder, 1 tsp finely chopped mint leaves, 2 tbsp Arrow root flour or Water chestnut flour or Buckwheat flour or Amaranth flour.I used arrow root flour. The uncooked bananas are first cooked after which tossed together with spices and tomatoes to make a great facet dish alongside together with your predominant course meal.