Find out where the Z50 wins! By biggest complaint - it ain't no D500 (neither is the Z7). Borh solutions have its positive and negative side who made the best decision? IBIS is essential, it is brilliant for me as a landscaper, it is just as standard to me as a shutter button and I just can't fathom a fairly expensive camera being released in 2019 not having it BUT like I say I have used it from 2012 as it is standard feature in Pentax. Image quality The Z50 is based around an updated version of the 20.2MP sensor we fist saw in the D500. No. Works in the opposite manner in S mode (shutter speed rear/exposure comp front). There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. I had one noticeable issue with the autofocusing system. Beautiful little, almost pocketable camera and lens! In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing under $1000 and recommended the best. And with more light, comes more detail. Have money in the bank as well now. Yes the lenses are slow, and there is not much to choose from. Toss in the Nikkor Z 50 if you want to do portraits and one of the PF lenses for wildlife, and you're set. No price is given at this time, but the adapter is set to be available by the end of the year. With the 50-250mm at the long end, it was completely unresponsive at times, not finding focus for over 15 seconds. In my opinion, the Z50 is a little bit ugly. My old RX100 III is still okay, and I like the bounce flash option, but the AF process is so miserable that it's irritating to use. Maybe it'll be a f/2.8 pancake that's excellent and then I'll sell the M5 and lenses and get it instead for the Z6 and that's it. I dont need two card slots, vertical grips and other "holy grails" of modern camera thrashers. I have seen far nicer/smoother results from Nikon D500 shooters. LMAO!!!! Nikon has the same mount so id you want to upgrade in the future you dont have to sell all the lenses to and of you shoot both formats you can use the same lenses but it is a Huge mount made for big sensors. A large, 3.2″ touchscreen (flip-up) is placed on the back. The upgrade frenzy has to run out of puff at some time and probably people will run out of money soon trying to fund it. To slightly confuse matters Nikon calls this ‘DX format’, but the aim is simply build on the success of the Z6 and Z7 by offering its largest 55m Z mount on the relatively tiny body of the Z50. Kit lens is small and sharp. Its battery life is like years, lol. I can only give my recommendations on my own experience as an enthusiast, but not an expert by any means. It will be obvious when Nikon releases the two compact lenses – the 28mm and the 40mm, that’s on the road map. At the end of the day, it is an entry-level mirrorless camera. I'm actually considering (slowly) replacing my D500 with a Z50. I esp love hooking up the camera to TV and play slideshow to family and friends right away. With more compact lenses om pretty sure nikon Will sell alot z50s. What’s the best camera for less than $1000? It still looks pretty good against the competition. Canon prioritizes their full frame RF mount lenses, they already have more in a year then their EF-M mount that has been around for over 5 years. It has quite a bit of buttons and even a couple customizable functions. ?The Z50 lack of Ibis puts it at exactly where it's competitors are (Fuji XT-30, Canon M50II, and M6II, Sony A6400).The Z50 sensor is the same one being used in the class leading D500, funny how no one has ever complained about the sensor on the D500...The kit lenses that are included are by far the best (sharpness, contrast, AF, edge to edge detail) of any of it's competitors.The only folks dissing the Z50 are folks that have never handled or shot this camera...this little guy is a marvel by comparison to the competition. Ended up with the Z50 as it filled the bill as well as able to take by Z mount lenses AND any F mount I had (Fujifilm cameras were really my other choice but they were more expensive and I'd have to spend money on lenses on top of that). Actually I think they are the direct competitors plus the sony A6400. Nikon Z 50, The first Z series DX-format mirrorless camera and the first two Nikkor Z DX zoom lenses, The Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR and Nikkor Z DX 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 VR. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that might be a bit older but still offer a lot of bang for the buck. It also has good ergonomics, comparable to the Z50. The Z50's video looks good and it's one of the easiest cameras to shoot both stills and video with. If there is nothing new or remarkable as we see here, we DO get to say, here is a new model for Nikon lovers only. Remarkable but there's cure for that condition... Trubbtele, unless you can actually make a comparison yourself, one really should not make such comments. This basically renders wide-angle shooting impossible. A DSLR is much lighter with lenses than a Sony or Nikon Z camera... And the Z lenses are without image stabilization and even more expensive... For what reason should the customer pay 300USD (outside of the USA) for the Z mount... when they deliver the wrong lenses for their cameras.. Nikon is punishing as usual their customer and the customer don't buy anymore Nikon!!! It has a 20.9-megapixel CMOS sensor paired with Nikon’s latest EXPEED 6 image processor. Read the conclusion, it explains exactly why the Z 50 received the silver rather than gold award. I used mainly landscape images at higher F-stops. You don't need to spend a fortune to buy a camera that's designed for videography. 'RealPlayer'], After finally saving up enough cash, you head out and buy that new lens you’ve been eyeing. This might not be enough for precise portrait work at very wide apertures. Like most of its rivals, the Z50 also lacks sensor stabilisation, which would’ve been a very welcome addition. This should be fixed via a firmware update. this what I am thinking right now. The Z50 really needs more love. In this buying guide we’ve rounded up all the current interchangeable lens cameras costing around $2000 and recommended the best. The Z50 has been barely out yet - therefore its sales haven't impacted Nikon's last reported financial stats. If it only could use an EN-EL 15 type. But if you aren't looking to make very large prints, it would be perfectly fine for landscapes. But I agree with Nikon in giving people the “cheap and small” option. Just can't have ALL the things you want in a camera at this price range, that's why there are higher-end cameras :). The thumbnails below link to the full-sized versions, which have not been altered in any way. Other than lens selection I don’t see big advantage where others are step ahead. Looking for a Nikon D7200 vs Nikon Z50 comparison? If you test RAW files, you'll see that noise is low and has a very pleasing pattern for a $1000 camera. The file quality settings available on the Nikon Z50 include Basic, Normal and Fine for JPEGs, and the camera can also shoot 12- or 14-bit NEFs (Nikon's proprietary raw file format). There are a number of rivals to the Z50, so let’s list them one by one. The screen can be tilted for overhead use, or for use on the ground or on the table or other platform. There are so many fine alternatives you can choose from - so why buy a Z50. Nikon has paired its Z 50 kit with a number of accessories to create an all-in-one set of gear to get up and shooting video and vlogs right out of the box. Auto focus is great, more than anyone would need, the battery life is good, the controls and grip are a pleasure to use all day. Sigma has introduced its new 'I series' of compact, premium full-frame lenses for E and L mounts. I couldn't be happier. Bird photography is one of the exceptions. Canon and Nikon always shared the mount, and it made sense. It has great handling and it's fun to use it. That's a great point bdbender, and I like what I keep seeing about the Z 16-50. Im not a lens engineer but something tells me it Will be Harder for nIkon to make a light and cheap wideangle zoom Like canons ef-m 10-22mm when its supposed to fit the fullframe cameras to. High ISO performance is also up to the standards of 2020, although I have to admit I don’t like the style of the grain so much. They're describing using the touchpad to move the AF points while the camera is held to your eye, as the D5600 allows you to do. Next to the screen, on the flip-up part, there are three touch buttons. Product links on ExpertPhotography are referral links. This pack includes a 16-50mm lens, a 50-250mm lens, and an FTZ mount adaptor. That lens + Z50 would be an awesome combo. The focussing does struggle at times quite a bit but you get used to it and learn to work with it. Looking forward to many nice shots. flee2010... What in the world does "artificially restricted in size" mean? The 28 mm is so unknown that I don't want to wait. Yeah, I have a fully articulating screen on my 77D, and it sits in the default position most of the time. It's a lot more than just a shutter release. That's the benefit of a shared mount, you don't have to wait on APSC lenses. The Z50 is based around an updated version of the 20.2MP sensor we fist saw in the D500. It is truly amazing. This is one of the Z50‘s weaknesses, but also a big advantage in some situations. When prices will be down and we will have many cheap lenses for it, its will be good option for many photographers. An explanation from the side of DPR would be most wanted indeed. I’m eagerly waiting for the 28mm, as it will make this camera fantastic for casual street and documentary photography. The Z50 costs less than half of a Z6, and that ibis is expensive to produce?? We don’t yet have the wider lenses for this camera: 16mm on the wider kit lens becomes 35mm with the 2.25x total crop. This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. The M-6 M2 seems to have some noise issues (same as the 90d due to the same sensor) - I was really waiting for a 7D M iii but that seems to have been cancelled. I realize there is an optional grips available but I am rying to keep things compact and light. 28mm and 40mm pancake prime lenses are also promised until 2021. It was originally made for P1000 megazoom camera but it's compatible with Z50 as well. I would comfortably use the Z50 up to 12800 for general, photojournalistic work. Wonderful to hold and use! It's very much a Nikon A6x00. This camera body is comparable in size to the Fujifilm X-T30, although much more comfortable to hold. Most of these reviews should begin with tagline "What is new for [brand] lovers." Hopefully they come out with a Z60 with EN-EL15, IBIS and Sensor cleaning... One of the many reasons I bought the Z6 insomuch the batteries from my D7200 are compatible. In addition to its new products, Nikon has also pushed live three firmware updates for its Z50, Z6 and Z7 mirrorless cameras, including a major 2.0 firmware update for the Z50 that adds Animal Detection AF. We take a look at what it offers and how it squares up to its rivals. Before going on, here’s a look at the basic specs of the two cameras, with the major differences highlighted in green where one camera has an obvious advantage. Jonsi What part of my information is bad? This gives you great headroom when shooting in RAW and post-processing. The Nikon Z50 is Nikon’s newest and (so far) only APS-C crop-sensor mirrorless camera. This mount is optimised for full-frame use, thus it comfortably fits the smaller crop sensor. They never never offered some good primes....Today you can buy a Sony a7ii for less than this z50 . The Canon EOS M6 MkII has a 32MP sensor, a great autofocusing system, and decent ergonomics in a tiny body, but has no viewfinder. The Z50 is quite frankly the best camera I have ever owned. I'm pretty sure it is because the sensor is on the lower resolution side, so isn't the best choice for large blowups of landscapes. Can you make manual focus adjustments with the remote? The X-T30 stitches multi-shot panoramas. For people like me irs easier to just have one mount but most people that buy a dx camera domt care About ff lenses cause they Will never own one. Check out the winners of the 2020 DPReview Awards! You can charge the camera via the micro-USB port, or charge the battery in a separate AC adapter, not provided in the package. Technical Editor Richard Butler's pick was the unusual lens that gave him the opportunity to try something new. For the mirror-less Cameras at Amazone... Nikon is with the Z50 on place 50 and with the Z6 on place 70 for the most sold mirror-less cameras!!! From beginners to professionals, there are many photographers who can benefit from the Z50. Nonetheless, both kit lenses have excellent optical stabilisation, especially the 50-250mm. Mostly for the size, weight, noise, flash, and user modes. The Leica Q2 Monochrom is a version of the Gold Award-winning Q2 that only shoots images in black and white. We that do shoot with ff cameras and want one Crop for casual shootimg are a minority. EVF is a reason to move to a dedicated camera. Haha ! I have a canon T2i and four compatible lenses. with full frame cameras nearing the $1000 mark, it is becoming more common than in the past. Exactly right. IMHO 11-22, 22, and 32 were the only decent ones. AF is much better than expected and very reliable. I shoot a lot of birds, but also landscapes, street and the insides of churches on vacations). Comparison image of Nikon Z50 and Nikon D7500 Size, Weight and External Dimensions - … Z50 sensor is almost one stop better than D3xxx sensors. Nikon Z50 Performance. bigger or fill screen. ... Good image quality. Yes the sensor is low-res compared to competition. Just some random thoughts on this little camera. SD? The M5 + kit lens was less than half price compared to the Z50 + kit lens but the real reason I have the M5 is the EF-M 22 f/2. We've been shooting with the Z50 for a while and have plenty of real-world shots to show you how the camera performs. Here are 3 of the 7 steps we uncover in this 21 minute video: ['rmockx.RealPlayer G2 Control', I'm glad Nikon finally released the Z50. Sony's new Visual Story app for iOS promises event and wedding photographers a variety of useful tools, designed to simplify their workflow and enhance their business. Same shape and size, better ergonomics. Remember, the Nikon D7200 has the best Crop sensor after DXO... but there is no review about the Nikon Z50... After testing the Nikon Z50... the Nikon Z50 can get easier more contrast our of the shadows without noise than the Nikon D7200. How can the Z50 been triggered by sound, light, etc. After reading all the DP reviews and multiple YouTube reviews of all cameras in this category, I chose to purchase the Z50. It’s essentially an automatic expose-to-the-right setting. I have a D850 and a Z6 and my sidekick camera is a new Canon M5, not the Z50. The Z50 excels in these. Seems like a really nice camera for that price. Why don’t you use one before making your ill informed trollish judgements? Sigma's new primes promise very good performance and light weight, when paired with L-mount and Sony E-mount mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. As some of you have commented, why is the kit lens so slow? With a 1.8x squeeze, the lens produces a more pronounced anamorphic effect than the 1.33x lenses offered by Sirui, albeit at a much higher cost. The Laowa 15mm F4.5 Zero-D Shift lens lets you shift perspective without moving the camera, correct for converging lines and more. Nikon Z mount has a capability to take medium format sensor and one day we will see that sensor there. You can shoot photos, start and stop video record, and even has customizable buttons. I think Nikon must have also some pro zooms for aps-c IMLC cameras, like he has for DSLR. What follows are the headiest products of 2020, the ones photographers really want. in a couple of ways maybe one of the most underestimates cameras. It’s placed in line with the centre of the lens mount, so creating seamless panoramas is fairly easy. Only having one choice drives down prices and pushes innovation. For my needs - enjoyable photo experience and quality video capabilities - it's pretty awesome. when Sony gave the opportunity to use old or new lenses from other companies by switching to mirrorless distances by using new adapters, an amazing hype was created around it. But this looks like a great camera based on the volume of Flickr Pics. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', But I have been using it for a little over a week and here are a few impressions I thought I would share. And would give us just a few Z-DX primes! It is priced like a D7500. i think that 20mp is more than enough. One of the things a remote cable allows is to still prefocus where other methods do not. Even the reviewer did it. In 1080p, it shoots 120fps with the full width of the sensor. The FTZ now only $49 with a body, or $160 used. I have the Nikon Z50 and the Nikon D7200,.. They have a compact 28mm on the road map coming up. I'd take my Z50's onboard flash over the Z6/Z7/D500's (none) any day! Autofocus, as mentioned, works well in all settings. With the FTZ adaptor, I’ve also experienced no issues at all. I wish Nikon produced a stabilized 35mm f1.8 DX prime in Z-mount. And it's a dead-end system. However, finding adaptors for less popular mounts might be troublesome because of the novelty of the Z system. Quite interesting how Canon and nikon went two separate ways when it comes to their APS-C and ff milcs mounts. The video record time is longer than the Fuji cameras. 'RealVideo.RealVideo(tm) ActiveX Control (32-bit)', The Nikon Z50 will be available from 7 November 2019, priced £849 body-only, £989 with 16-50mm lens, £1,199 with both 16-50mm and 50-250mm lenses. I agree. I would love to get the Z6 but several factors hold me back. ), they, as I sadly expected, don't have the lenses I want to support it. I'd also get it at Adorama, at Amazon or at Crutchfield. Enter the Ulanzi ST-09, an adjustable mount that allows you to turn an Apple Watch into a live viewfinder on the rear of your iPhone. The most notable use cases are casual family and portrait shooting, street, travel, and documentary photography. There is no excessive colour noise until ISO 25600. I think this Nikon Z50 actually deserves an even better score. But keep it in mind if you’re looking for an extra 7-10% in cropping. Another mediocre offering in an already crowded field. Is there a reason for "not recommended for landscapes? I have been looking at too many cameras and just writing off the cuff. REVIEW : Nikon Z50 January 26, 2020 / Ross Chevalier. I'm glad I got it. This is not targeted to the point and shoot users. It is also only $300 cheaper than the Z50 with 105mm macro lens, or the Sony a6400, both of which will give better optics and better image quality (though in the case of … On the other hand it Will just be a travet and hobby camera so i dont need more lenses then the 10-22 and 22mm and both are excellent and small.. cant see me put om a 1000gram prime on it. I have old Nikon glass but they are from the film days and won't be of much use on this camera. Or have nikon said something About making some lenses just for the z dx cameras, same mount but it Will only fill up the smaller crop cameras sensors . The 50mm 1.8 Z is amazing on the z50 and while it's on sale its under $500. Really?? No matter, it won't change the fact that the Z cameras are crap. I guess you define "missed opportunity" differently from most people. I rarely use Commander mode with a built-in flash in my DSLRS anymore because if the pre-flash delay, and prefer to use a slave such as SU-4 mode or a wireless controller. I know in not a engineer but thanks for pointing that out. The Nikon Z50 is the third of Nikon's Z family of mirrorless system cameras. The touch functionality is well implemented. I wish it had a faster card or used XQD cards. Nikon Z50 Image Quality. The depth is deeper. I had an M early on and later both an M5 and M6, and got really tired of waiting for Canon to fill out the lens lineup. But I've been looking on Flickr, and the typical picture from the Z50 is much better than the typical picture from M-6 M2. So many IBIS zealots on the Internet these days it’s absolutely pitiful. This pixel race is probably just because they are struggling to find ways to really get useful improvements on what we have already. In terms of ergonomics, the Z50 is excellent, but it has some minor design bugs. MIOPS has announced Flex, a new smart camera gadget designed to make it easy and simple to capture lightning strikes, action images, holy grail timelapse videos and much more. Currently, there are two kit lenses on the market for the Z50, the aforementioned 16-50mm and the 50-250mm. "but flip any of Nikon's APS-C DSLRs into live view, and you get a focus-hunting mess".Soooooo, now DPR is at last honest about LV AF on Nikon DSLR bodies. The video quality seems pretty decent, though I have not shot yet in 4K. In video mode, the winner of the comparison is not so evident. Clearly any camera under $1000 is just for soccer moms, they are better served with a Rebel, that is much easy to pickup than a MILC with an EVF that shows exposure. Why you need such lenses when you can get $8000 ultra fast lenses on nikon mount. It has achieved some really nice results, but I feel that I was nailing focus better with my old a6000, which is somewhere in the vicinity of 5 years old? I don't mind them using a 20 MP sensor. Previous reviewers have expressed concerns about the reliability of autofocus with the adaptor. Unlike Sony, the mount is adequately sized. I really do not think that the INTENTION of nikon is not to compete with canon m6ii and fujifilm X-t30. The F-mount 50mm f/1.4G I tested worked just as well on the Z50 as on a friend’s D7200. There are no ways which will satisfy 100% of the users here. That lens is the size of a pancake prime, and sharp throughout its range. Canon's M6II doesn't have an EVF, who needs the third point of stability, or needs to use a camera in day light, my smartphone doesn't have an EVF. Can you? Actually a few points...The folks that are bashing the Z50 are the usual suspects.The Z50 comes with the best kit lenses (bar none) in the industryThe Z50, ergonomically, is the best feeling camera against all of it's competitorsThe Z50 build and weather sealing is among the best (and far better than the Sony, Canon, and Fuji offerings) in it's price point. Both cameras are in the same class and nearly the same price. The 65mm T2 completes Vazen's set of anamorphic lenses for the Micro Four Thirds system. Easily the most common reason for poor focus and blurry images, Leaving your camera on its default settings will produce blurry results, Post processing won’t fix a blurry image from a slow shutter ​, Expert Photography © 2011-2020. Mind you, I have done Bird photography (not in flight) with a Sony RX10M3 with not bad results. It's so called 'well established competition' is not compatible with millions of Nikon's well established lenses already in circulation for 2 decades... ;). When the Z50 is set to full-area AF mode, it hunts a lot with telephoto lenses (above 50mm). In fact, ML-L7 is the model number. Kit lens is sharp (didn't expect that either). It’s environmentally sealed, meaning it will withstand dust and rain. That's amazing low light capability, even at f3.5! Oh, and it's a lot of fun too. With the camera to your eye, you'll see the aperture value change in the viewfinder. Much of the body is crafted out of magnesium alloy, which is lightweight but durable. I like the Z50. "the camera's biggest drawback is probably that it faces such well-established competition". Because the Nikon d7200 image sensor was too good.... ? I just wish they'd released it last year or the year before. I get why they didn't make all the lenses first, and well you know Covid19! The Z50 is compatible with the FTZ mount adapter, allowing it to use F-mount DSLR lenses. Sensor Size and Resolution Comparison image of Nikon Z50 and Nikon 1 V1 Cameras . @zxaar: well, by saying the Canon EOS M was not exciting, you put that variable in the mix, so it's not so much about whether it has been done before, it's more about are there people interested in both cameras and lenses that will be adapted to them. I can carry it all day over the fells without suffering. It shoots 4K at 30fps, with a caveat: a 1.5x crop. Z50 wins hands down! . The part where you said you have to use a smartphone. I'd say "exceeded by an order of magnitude" overrides "ain't no D500!" Nikon’s latest generation 20-megapixel sensor is just incredible, with a balance of great image quality at both the lowest native ISO of 100, and at much higher ISOs. Now, three months later, the company has confirmed in a statement that the personal information of past and current employees was taken from its servers. You can also find the additional questions and answers concerning some particular features of the Z50. @Indik"Someone said theres not enough lenses for z mount?". I would’ve much liked to see physical buttons there. Or even in canon mount with new Fringer ef-nz adapter. The only camera I tested that has this is the Ricoh GR III (which I actually own now). The superb image quality of the Nikon Z 50 will do justice to the way you see the world. Don't understand what Nikon is doing here.We need smaller prime lenses for Z DX and also Z full frame. For it to switch to eye detection, your subject’s face needs to fill roughly half of the frame. It's a niche (and pricey) product to be sure, but so far we find it to be well-designed and capable of outstanding results. These capable cameras should be solid and well-built, have both speed and focus for capturing fast action and offer professional-level image quality. As a Z6 user I love that I will have the option of using these pancakes on either my full frame or a Z50. Canons ef-m mount Will be a dead end for those that want to upgrade but fullformat is a pretty small segment so for most buyers it Will not be a problem. I am sure that a slightly larger maximum aperture range like f/3.5-4.5 would have made it an awesome all round photography kit lens. There's sigma 18-35 f1.8. My apologies. Nikon Z50 is clearly the smaller of the two cameras. Having a diverse choice is such a nightmare isn't it. For me, I owned a z6 and almost all the z lenses this was a no brainer for a small personal camera, and backup. I am overall impressed but still somewhat undecided. With them trying to push the APS-C line to mirrorless, they need to make a good kit lens, especially for the Z mount where there are no budget friendly lenses outside of a kit lens. The Z50 has a smaller sensor than the Z6 (Image credit: Amy Davies) Nikon Z50 vs Nikon Z6: Lenses. An unnecessary bulky large oversize mount for APS-C sensor, 20MP and no IBIS = 85%. Looks like a great camera but aren’t cameras all great nowadays? The footage here looks nice, although quite soft, but that’s always the case with such high framerates. Good value. Snap bridge is terrible for remote photography but so is the Sony app. He has a video up using it with the z50. The superb image quality of the Nikon Z 50 will do justice to the way you see the world. When it comes to recording video, the Nikon Z50 is usable, but not great. Nikon users can use the same lenses on both aps c and ff milcs but its a huge mount made for their full format cameras, Canon’users have to buy separate lenses for their aps c and ff cameras but the ef-m mount is made for smaller sensors and they can make more compact lenses. M4/3 has a superior lens line up that does not require an adapter or using full-frame lenses on a cropped sensor. of the Z50 to edit them in Capture One and was a bit "shocked" about the image quality of the 16-50 kit lens.My expectations (which were low) were far exceeded.I actually wanted to buy a Z6 but now I'm not sure if it is worth the much higher price. For sports and other fast action, I’d definitely choose that over the Z50. But why just now? Image sensor featuring 20.9 effective megapixels and class-leading high ISO of 51200 produces clean, noise-free images in low light 209 focus points offer wide AF coverage in the frame - approx. It promises the same, great image quality that we can expect of APS-C cameras in 2020. Why would you blow up the cost of this camera with IBIS??? Images are crisp, colors look natural and there is the right amount of saturation and vibrancy. And we can find lots of adapters for any system, but maybe there should be an article on the topic, to address the pros and cons for each mount. Eventually, they won't be able to give them away. The difference is marginal, and I would not consider it to be an important factor of comparison. On that basis, it's clear that Nikon isn't trying to go for the same audience as the D7500. What you can't do is swipe or tap the screen when you've got the camera to your eye" Who actually does this? Sony and the 55mm f/1.8 Zeiss on A6400 ? Nikon produces an official adaptor for their older, DSLR F system. It tracks humans and other subjects well, throughout a burst of roughly 50 frames (RAW) at 11fps. Fujifilm has announced a special version of its 100MP GFX 100 for infrared imaging. Some programs use the usb interface, and the Bluetooth ML-L7 can’t be used to trigger. It's very compact and still really sharp for what it is. For what is your camera so small? To me It sounds (other than sports) as good as the D500 with better video. These are the 35mm f/1.8, the 50mm f/1.8, and the 85mm f/1.8S. Full frame is way too big for video, as everything is out-of-focus and a PITA to edit, and 1" sensor is too small. According to Nikon’s official roadmap, another one, a 18-140mm is on its way. @zxaar: Canon had an adapter for their EOS M camera since start, it's not about how old the idea is. You have two control dials, a mode dial, a movie/stills switch, and some others. We don't need a front dial, who even shoots manual. This is less of a success story, for now at least. APS-C or Micro-4/3 is ideal. criteria for me. Given the lack of quality Z-mount lenses optimized for APS-C probably has a lot to do with it. Why there is not even a trace of memories in a review about this fact?maybe that's just my impression. So elimination camera shake. All the comparisons between mirrorless and DSLRs is making me nuts. AF is great, it picks up eyes, video AF is on par with DPAF, tracking works great, choose the subject and it follows it all over the field of view. I was liking this camera until I read it had no remote cable port, you have to use a smart phone. I bought both Z6 and Z50. The user experience and controls are also great. Nikon’s Z50 is the company’s first attempt at an APS-C format snapper with the aim of creating some fresh noise in the crowded system camera scene. It's available in Canon EF, Fuji X, Leica M, M42, MFT, Nikon F, Pentax K and Sony E mounts and the first units are expected to ship in January 2021. Nikon hit this one out of the ballpark, highly recommended, and I don't work for Nikon. Do you mean that Nikon could have made a bigger lens but they chose not to? And yes it is slow, but the sensor can handle high iso and it is a result of making it so compact. I've used more than a few cameras of different brands over the years. Some parts are covered with plastic, and the grip is rubberised. You can see in bright sunlight, and the third point add stability. We compare the Canon EOS R6, Nikon Z6 II, Panasonic S5 and Sony a7 III. You don’t have their product roadmap, production margins, or any inside knowledge but things that look easy to the layman are often not. Chris and Jordan take a look at the new Sigma 35mm F2 and 65mm F2. So I think that your concerns are unwarranted. With most cameras you can assign parts of the screen to be the touchpad, so if you shoot with your right eye you would want AF on the right side of the screen. Very impressed by the touch-to-track-AF. Really like it. There are cheap knock offs too but I have Nikon remote. I’ve seen much better in the GR III, and slightly better in the Sony A6400. I admire your obsession & trolling on Sony. Sample Images Introduction Format Lens Compatibility Specifications Accessories Unboxing Performance Compare User's Guide Recommendations More Information Nikon Z50 (15.7 oz./446g with battery and card, one SD card slot, $857) and superb Nikon Z 16-50mm DX VR. The ML-L7 bluetooth remote works great. That does it - DPR has lost all credibility with me. w/ NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR & NIKKOR Z DX 50-250mm F/4.5-6.3 VR,,, Canon EOS R6 Review: not the hybrid king, but a great photographers' camera, Sony a6600 review: Amazing autofocus, acceptable ergonomics, Nikon Z50 gets Animal Detection AF, Z6 and Z7 get minor improvements via firmware updates, Nikon announces new Z50 'Creator's Kit' with a slew of accessories at a discount, Nikon releases major firmware updates for its Z6 and Z7 cameras, minor update for the Z50, Nikon is now offering a 30-day trial for the Z50 camera with its 'Yellow Program' initiative, Down in Nuawluns: Nikon Z50 sample gallery, Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN Sample Gallery (DPReview TV), Laowa 15mm F4.5 Zero-D Shift lens sample gallery (DPReview TV).