Qty. 50g, Dark chocolate with raisins, hazelnuts and almonds SWISS ELEMENT 365 was crafted with a specific purpose – to allow cocoa flavanols to release their healthful benefits via a premium quality, locally produced Swiss chocolate. Toblerone Mini Chocolates Bag 2.4 kg $ 103.35 – $ 113.95 Select options. June Milkboy Swiss Chocolates - Premium Swiss Alpine Milk Chocolate Bars Smooth and Creamy Size 3.5 oz - GMO Free (5 Pack) 3.5 Ounce (Pack of 5) 4.6 out of 5 stars 110. Swiss chocolates typically use only the best cocoas and ingredients, which is what makes them taste so amazingly good! In our famous Butter Toffee and other homemade candies, we use a number of specially blended chocolates, from a super-creamy milk chocolate and a darker Swiss blend chocolate to classic dark and white compounds. Milkboy Swiss Chocolates is a new line of unique chocolate and exceptionally high-quality Swiss chocolate. st It’s an assortment of 3 old-fashioned chocolates arranged in a magnificent metal box in memory of the Dome of the Federal Palace. Buying chocolate on the Internet has become a common practice. We have also put in place the necessary means to ensure that your chocolates arrive in good condition. It must be said: finding a good online store of Villars Chocolate is a real bargain that will revive your pleasure before tasting! Made in Switzerland. But before you can take advantage of it, you still to find the best collections of Chocolat Villars: dark or milk, with or without hazelnuts, pure origin or organic, etc. Toblerone is a chocolate brand from Switzerland founded in 1867 by the house Tobler. Rest of the world . Find Swiss Bratwurst, a genuine Cervelat, or many other foods and hard-to-find imports from Switzerland. Try one of our signature selections and see what everyone’s talking about. Teuscher specializes in champagne truffles made with Dom Perignon. Sure, you could go to a fancy candy shop and buy chocolate gift boxes…then go to all the trouble of wrapping and shipping them. The Gruyère region is renowned as one of the most famous milk producing regions in Switzerland. At Christmas, you can also choose the delicious Villars premium chocolate in a gourmet and family format. A Sweet Tradition. Dark chocolate with candied orange peels. Buy always fresh & delicious Champagne Truffles, Chocolate Bars, Assorted Pralines Boxes, Gift Boxes & Special Products. We tell you everything. Munzli Swiss Edition Mini Chocolates 2.5 kg $ 119.40 Add to cart. 100g, Milk chocolate with almonds and honey. And Breton Shortbread, Sunday The best selection of German and Swiss chocolate available online. Villars chocolate, pleasure for any occasion. Milk Chocolate - $4.99 . Experience Pure Swiss Chocolate. Add to cart. You will not be disappointed with your chocolate purchase online. Price CHF7.79. Even for those living in Switzerland, getting chocolate as a gift is still special, especially from an artisan producer. Cailler chocolates which are one of the oldest and most beloved brands of chocolate brands. September The Ovomaltine brand which is today one of the most famous chocolates in Switzerland. Do you accept the conditions on the protection of your data? A typical swiss chocolate to offer as a gift delivery from Switzerland, or to make good little recipes. Our chocolate is 90% joy and 10% magic. You have the choice between a chocolate box of intense red color and another one with black color with its assortment of old-fashioned chocolates. United Arab Emirates . Intensely fragrant, aromatic Orange Black combines the power of a Swiss dark chocolate and fresh and... Swiss milk chocolate with almonds and nougat from Montélimar But if you want to find the quality offered by the upscale Swiss chocolate house Villars, you have to look elsewhere. th, Christmas Biscuit With Dark And White Chocolate, Swiss chocolates are among the best chocolates in the world. Supermarkets, on the other hand, usually offer chocolates of all types at varying prices. 25%+ Nuts 100% Swiss Enjoy Swiss chocolate with more fresh, crunchy nuts. The best chocolates to offer are clearly Swiss. Salivating already in front of our cheap chocolate offers and easily make all your purchases of Swiss Christmas chocolate on our online chocolate shop. The swiss collection chocolate of Stella which concretize the greedy ideas in chocolate specialties. All rights reserved By browsing the site for a few minutes, you will certainly salivate before tasting. Assorted chocolates Dark, Milk and White with honey and almond nougat. You can, for example, choice this Villars Suisse box of 200g, box of the federal dome. FrischSchoggi. You can start taking SWISS ELEMENT 365 on the first day of the following month. David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his son, Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, founded the Swiss chocolate company in 1845, and Lindt-Sprüngli has been making delicious affordable chocolate ever since. For The Love of Chocolate. If you love the Swiss chocolate, you know the best ones are at your hand. Our Swiss ancestors were serious about chocolate...and we're proud to carry on that tradition! For your pleasure or as a gift, you can find Villars chocolate online. There are several Swiss chocolate online shops where you can purchase swiss chocolate, but not all of them deliver to foreign. 180g. Four in five people of the world enjoy dark chocolate, milk chocolate or Swiss chocolate at least time a week during the year. Free shipping: Order > CHF 35.00; Secure Payment; Customer Service; Läderach (Schweiz) AG, Bleiche 14; CH-8755 Ennenda +41 55 645 44 44; customerservice.ch@laderach.com Premium Swiss chocolate in a gourmet and family-friendly format.   November Try best Swiss Fresh Chocolate. 100g, Swiss milk chocolate with salted caramelized almonds with honey and almond nougat. December FrischSchoggi™ Gift Pack 250g. This personalized service is perfect to amaze your loved ones with a Villars gift box or a box of Villars chocolates for birthdays or other special events. Milk orange subtly balances the velvety smoothness of milk chocolate and the fruity flavour of... Soft dark chocolate, vanilla mint heart flowing, Strawberry mousse and dark chocolate flower. At this online chocolatier, you will be spoiled for choice from a wide range of Villars Chocolate ranges. Marriage crunchy whole almonds from California and fine nougat flakes Montélimar with... Swiss milk chocolate with candied orange peels Choose a Flavor. Four in five people of the world enjoy dark chocolate, milk chocolate or Swiss chocolate at least time a week during the year. Something to satisfy all your desires and respond correctly to all your expectations. October Chocolates for Valentine's Day, chocolates for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and any happy occasion you can celebrate. Find out more about Villars chocolates. Do you want to buy Cailler chocolate online? January This popularity is well-deserved, as Lindt has a reputation for producing gourmet Swiss chocolate products of the highest quality. Munz. In 2013, the specialist in Swiss chocolate flavors moved to a more modern site while remaining faithful to its origins in Fribourg. The Introduction of Cocoa Beans. The best chocolate for cooks and the kitchen is Cailler Crémant. Your recipient will certainly appreciate its authentic Swiss design featuring the country's iconic landscapes, as well as its chocolate tradition. Callebaut Chocolate Sponge A classic, deliciously moist and perfectly trimmed dark chocolate sponge cake. The foundations of the manufacturing plant were then laid by its founder Wilhelm Kaiser. Thursday The most popular among luxury Swiss chocolates are among others Toblerone, the most famous Swiss chocolate, the luxury swiss chocolates of the Canonica range with their frank and enveloping texture, delicate and gourmet like invitations that are never refused. Whether you want to gift Easter chocolate online or look for cheap Christmas chocolates Swiss online, we are at your service to make your online chocolate ordering go as better as possible. Of the diverse selection of Lindt chocolate products, Lindt chocolate truffles are … Swiss chocolates are so varied that you need a wide offer to be sure to find the one that will surprise your guests. SWISS FOOD AND DRINK. Visionary and intrepid, this 28-year-old Bernese man realized a concept that is still current today. 6 Nov 2020 4 Comments Food, Gift Guide; Chocolate; If you are looking to send a gift to friends and family in Switzerland, you can’t go wrong with Swiss chocolate. If you love the Swiss chocolate, you know the best ones are at your hand.For your pleasure or as a gift, you can find Villars chocolate online.We tell you everything. Sweets, Snacks & Cookies Kägi Wafer Dark Chocolate 25g Item #: 60337 - The leader among the wafer specialties - for 50 years it has been made of high-grade, natural raw materials and home-made Swiss dark chocolate using a traditional recipe. The Lindt master chocolate makers known the world over for their exceptional quality and exquisite taste, moreover the country is still called the country of LINDT chocolate. Chocolate online: buy or offer the best Swiss chocolates assortment, from home! We import products directly from our suppliers in Switzerland and deliver them to the convenience of your home or office in Hong Kong. Dark Chocolate - $4.99 . Our goal is to provide an absolutely authentic Swiss … 100g, Extrafine dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts. Copyright©Läderach Group. March Chocolate gifting is worshipped in any occasion. Friday SGD $52.50 Cocoa beans were first discovered by the Aztecs, who believed it … Besides the pioneering brands of Swiss chocolates and cheese, we have a vast selection of other natural, organic and vegan foods and drinks. White chocolate with whole almonds and almond nougat decorated with caramelized, Fine white chocolate with granulated caramel and vanilla flavor, White fine chocolate with raisins, hazelnuts and almonds. Villars Swiss chocolate began in 1901, when a prominent Chocolate Master settled on the outskirts of Fribourg – close to the region of Gruyère. Switzerland has the highest per capita rate of chocolate consumption worldwide, so it's no surprise that there are so many good Switzerland chocolate brands. One Dozen Mixed Truffles 3 Milk Chocolate Caramels, 3 Milk Chocolate with Bailey's Ganache, 3 Milk Chocolate with Milk Chocolate Ganache, 3 Dark Chocolate … Gift Guide: 10 best places to buy Swiss chocolate online. Tuesday May You can therefore be sure that the necessary protections will be put in place for the package to reach its destination. Swiss House Shop - Welcome to Hong Kong's largest Online Store of Swiss Products. At Cailler, we exclusively use Swiss sugar as well as fresh alpine milk, and our products are 100% palm-oil-free certified. The Swiss Colony offers a wide selection of food gifts, including Petits Fours, Butter Toffee, Fruitcake, Cheese, Sausage and more. Origin: Switzerland. Lindt is one of Switzerland’s oldest chocolate manufacturers and one of its most popular. Made with passion, creativity and expertise, our pralines make the perfect gift, shared delight or after-dinner treat. The first products bearing the design of the cow - the official emblem of the brand, were then created there. But with SwissColony.com, you can buy your chocolate gifts online with our credit plan—no credit card needed—and let us take care of the rest. The nature of their chocolate butter sets them apart and grants them the world chocolate gold award. An ideal snack for when you are out and about. With their exquisite taste and the passion of master chocolate makers, Villars products has a prominent place in these events to offering Villars Suisse chocolates also known as Villars schokolade. Dark chocolate 70% - no sugar added with sweetening agents 100g, The perfect harmony between whole Roman hazelnuts and thin flakes of crispy laces pancakes in an intense dark chocolate. This chocolate is produced in Bern. 200g, Spider Muffin With Chocolate Discover. rd Buy Swiss Chocolate Online For . Shop online for all of your Swiss chocolate favorites. Do you want to have chocolate delivered for Christmas, Valentine's Day or request a chocolate delivery for Mother's Day? nd Our chocolate is minimally processed and contains a higher concentration of cocoa flavanols, which are known for their protective cardiovascular functions. BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING - Our scrumptious chocolates are ready for gift-giving. At swiss chocolate online we specialize in online delivery chocolate to your home, business or site of your choice. Just like chocolate, specialized e-commerce sites like www.swisschocolate-online.com have won the hearts of the sweet tooth. On SwissChocolate-Online.com, find all chocolates of Toblerone. Sweet, Pure White expresses gentleness and smoothness of Swiss... Salted caramel piece, coated with milk chocolate and hazelnuts, Organic White chocolate with cocoa nibs. At Christmas, for example, we can give and receive many gifts, including delicious Villars chocolates found at swisschocolate. Size: 100 gram $4.99. The brand and product represent the traditional and authentic heritage of the Milkboy, who accompanies the cows grazing on the Swiss Alpine meadows, thereby producing some of the best quality milk available. Add to Cart Added SKU: 6670-3. In addition, with our Swiss chocolate online store, you are free to have Villars chocolate delivered to any location of your choice. Monday As there are several collections of Swiss chocolate, the choice can be a little bit complex, so here is a help. August Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland is one of the best chocolatier in the world. SGD $169.2. To find the chocolate that suits you, visit our site http://www.swisschocolate-online.com/en/ you will find chocolate for cooking, milk chocolates, chocolates filled with almond and hazelnut cream, milk and whole hazelnuts, fresh milk from the Swiss Alps, milk and almond pralines, dark chocolate with coffee, white chocolate with almonds, etc. April Even today, Villars relies on the best Swiss based produced ingredients, making them a part of a small group that meticulously respects the great Swiss chocolate tradition. Swiss Chocolate Bar.   In love with its Swiss chocolates, swisschocolate does everything necessary to guarantee chocolate delivery almost anywhere in the world without damage. Ovomaltine Napolitains Chocolates 2.5 kg $ 115.60 Add to cart. Wednesday Chocolate Is Always A Good Idea! We offer a varied collection of selection of Swiss chocolates. Buy our best tabs of Cailler. They can be offered according to the tastes and needs of the people you want to pleasure. The sweet and exotic alliance whole almonds in California and caramelized grated coconut in a creamy white Swiss chocolate. Villars Swiss chocolate began in 1901, when a prominent Chocolate Master settled on the outskirts of Fribourg, close to the region of Gruyère. At swiss chocolate online, we make different delivery methods available to our customers. Here at Swiss Made Direct, we offer one of the largest ranges of high-quality foods available in Switzerland. Do you accept the conditions on the protection of your data? Ovomaltine Mini Crunchy Chocolate 42×42 g $ 106.65 Add … If you placed your order after the 20th of a month, we will prepare it for shipment at the end of the following month. Order easily and benefit from free delivery for orders over CHF 40.-. Our Master Chocolatiers have been perfecting the art of fine chocolate since 1845, using the best quality cocoa and finest ingredients. 99 ($5.00/Count) Save more with Subscribe & Save "toblerone" TOBLERONE SWISS MILK CHOCOLATE WITH HONEY AND ALMOND NOUGAT, 6 Count of 3.52 oz bar, 21.12 oz. Handmade Organic Chocolate Made with Love. Offering chocolates online allows you to have the privilege of choosing the Switzerland themed gifts, the color, brand and flavor of your chocolates yourself, so, we offer you our online store. Favarger chocolates one swiss original chocolate, direct pleasure that they offer thanks to their soft and crunchy texture at the same time, in short, the recognition of the true taste of the ingredients. July If you want to satisfy your desires, you will have to look elsewhere for the original chocolate gift box that you need: blond chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Which Villars chocolate to offer for Christmas? $24.99 $ 24. For those looking for great deals on cheap chocolate or to find top quality Swiss chocolate, we recommend our online store. We deliver to the US, Canada, Europe and others countries in the world with reduced shipping.   We deliver several luxury Swiss chocolate brands, selected by us: Cailler chocolate, Frey chocolate, Villars chocolate, but also Toblerone or Ovomaltine bars. Now that you know where it comes from, where to buy it and which to give for Christmas, all you have to do is visit our shop on-line www.swisschocolate-online.com, which delivers the Villars brand in all the countries with reduced shipping costs. Swiss chocolate online sent from Switzerland. Swiss Made. Featured Products. Festive Chocolate Hamper. Toblerone Swiss Dark Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat 34 Pieces Pouch, 272 g 25g. You can win the heart of Chocolate seductive with the beautiful bounty of gifting of Swiss Chocolate.Send your loved ones a delectable dense, sweet chocolate platter to feel them above the planet taste. Swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Order now. Whether you choose classic Cailler flavours or new creations, our unique chocolates will delight you without any doubt. 180g. The Läderach family has been in the chocolate craft for three generations now. Gluten free. Gift chocolates made easy. Kinder Surprise - The World's Most Favorite Egg. Our selection of Swiss delicacies includes the world-famous Emmentaler and Gruyère cheeses, coffee, and chocolate that needs no introduction. Classic Chocolate Gift Box (Double Tier) SGD $135. A habit that continues, because even today specialists like swisschocolate are dedicated to your satisfaction. ENJOY AUTHENTIC SWISS CHOCOLATE - MilkBoy Swiss Chocolates are made in Switzerland and our Milk Chocolate uses the best-quality milk from the Swiss alpine meadows, letting you enjoy the goodness of the Swiss Alps in every bite. 100g, Dark chocolate with cornflakes and guarana extract. Saturday Looking for chocolate to give as a gift? As you know, the chocolate products are commonplace in Villars boutiques or Villars stores. Save The Turtles - One Straw At A Time Express yourself in style! You can therefore, take time to select the best chocolates. The only downside is the limited choice and limited range of luxury chocolate boxes. Special Gifts and Hampers.