We interviewed aspiring and accomplished surgical trialists to understand how they use guidance documents and other resources in their work. However, substantial time is spent undertaking indirect care such as completing documentation, ordering diagnostics, visiting other departments, and/or computer retrieval of results. Articles were included in the review if they focused on the use of portfolios in nursing, and those concerned with professional or transitional portfolios were excluded. 2012;7(1):23-6. • If you’re a practicing nurse, include information about your clinical positions, leadership roles (both formal, such as nurse manager, and informal, such as chair of the unit patient safety committee), and research and quality-improvement projects. To build your ePortfolio, consider the platform you want to use, how you’ll connect with other nursing professionals, and the content you should include. Mentors need the opportunity to develop their professional practice and identity through contact with the community of teacher educators. The emergence of counter-narratives underpinned by the capability movement, have as yet had minimal impact on practice in computer education. Portfolios have traditionally been used to demonstrate competence in nursing and are integral to nursing education as well. characteristics. enables a greater focus on personal learning journeys, reectionandthedevelopmentofpersonalqualities., suggests the complexity of e‑portfolios in assessment, nurse practitioners, portfolios could be used, for, capability.Furtherresearchwouldbeusefult, and explore the use of e‑portfolios to meet the needs. As a result, a semi-structured interview schedule was developed for use with GPs and/or practice managers. If you’re seeking work in a specific field, such as pediatrics, highlight your experience and volunteer work with pediatric populations. evidence on nurse practitioner education, competence, capability and e‑portfolios points to the integration of, the use of an e‑portfolio into current nurse practitioner, curriculum models to meet the unique needs of nurse. Research on electronic portfolios in particular is fairly new, though, again, most studies so far have focused on their uses for the learning and development of preservice teachers (Milman & Kilbane, 2005; Sherry & Bartlett, 2005). metodologías del profesorado universitario que fomenten el protagonismo del estudiante. Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs). This paper will firstly reflect on the strategy for the development and implementation of the QUT Student Portfolio. Using systematic methods, a literature review was performed, which revealed that publications on postgraduate training program design, guidelines, and methods are limited. Recommendations for improvement centered on education, mentoring, networking, participating in trials, and facilitation by department chairs. Aim: A framework is essential to promote team-based primary care. The methodology involved a two step process; a qualitative approach first to develop a theory followed by a quantitative method to develop the instrument. En este Two questionnaires were developed from the themes that emerged. Nurses are increasingly using professional portfolios as a way to maintain evidence of their learning and reflection, and to demonstrate that they have met their professional requirements. As e-portfolio use continues to grow exponentially, growth is hindered by misunderstanding, misinformation, and misuse. sino también cómo se ha producido el aprendizaje, para emitir una valoración ajustada a la realidad. Consider developing a nursing philosophy statement. Consiste en la aportación de producciones por parte del estudiante a través de las cuáles se puede determinar la adquisición de competencias y habilidades. Una de las posibles estrategias que se están utilizando es el portafolio. disadvantages of a centralised model, and the attitudes teaching staff hold towards The role of mentoring in early career physics teachers’ professional identity construction, Trials and tribulations: The professional development of surgical trialists, Personal development plans: The Wessex experience. And whatever platform you use, familiarize yourself with its privacy settings to ensure the security of the information you share. READ MORE. The study is a systematic review of the literature according to PRISMA guidelines. No part of this website or publication may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright holder. rapid change with associated challenges. TALSS Instructional staff and Library Faculty Liaison officers have also been instrumental in the provision of support networks for staff and students. Professional capability in nursing is seen as essential to patients' safety and satisfaction and the quality of care. Identification of nurses' professional capabilities is essential to determining the areas where they need improvement, ascertaining that they provide satisfactory care, and pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of their educational programs, which can lead to professional development [7]. National Diabetes Month Reflection is an essential component of a portfolio, as are the student–teacher relationship and explicit guidelines for constructing the portfolio. In some cases, mentoring provision was little short of a “lifeline” for the teachers. Methods. To both timely and significant as recent mergers, qualification reviews and the Conclusion La reorganización de los idearios educativos que están ocurriendo en las universidades españolas, Jaime Hannans is an assistant professor of nursing, California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo, California. In addition human resource management needs to involve helping people use these dimensions of capability through effective systems and management behaviours. functions of the centralised teams were defined for each category. Peer review The major components of the program include: (1) the selection process. This is particularly evident in general practice where advanced practice role development is more fluid and generally less supported by the hierarchical structures evident in the hospital system. This article details the implementation and outcomes of this project. 2016;50(1):47-52. We have previously shown that this approach was successful, acceptable, and. As technology advances, healthcare organizations need to partner with academic institutions to communicate what characteristics distinguish the uniqueness of nurse hires, and update approaches to hiring, such as the relevance of a résumé in today's quest for nurses who articulate and demonstrate skill transference from the classroom to clinical practice. development. This book has been divided into four sections. Hundreds of proposals were considered and the fifteen chapters included represent the most comprehensive and well rounded discussion of e-portfolios compiled to date. Coll Stud J. Retrospective review of assessments completed by postgraduate student and educator in the final multi-system complex subject of the postgraduate emergency nursing course during 2015. Significant differences were detected between most student and educator ratings for both assessment appraisals. This book is purposed to assist readers across multiple sectors and geographic boundaries in the understanding, development, design, selection, and implementation of e-portfolios. posibles estrategias que se están utilizando para la misma, es el portafolio del estudiante. Advanced nurse practitioners (ANPs) are a senior clinical resource at the front line of care delivery, particularly in terms of addressing the challenges of workforce shortages in the NHS and managing long-term conditions and the ageing population (Townsend, 2014; Department of Health, 2007). centralised model, and planning to centralise or decentralise. An electronic health record captures all the clinical conditions and interventions over the course of a patient’s life. For the student in this exemplar, it was a “significant, introspective, satisfying learning experience,” a rare opportunity in a busy professional life. current andragogical methods in NP education. Responses from 18 teachers, Regulatory and professional bodies issue an ever-increasing number of guidance documents on the ethics and methods of clinical trials, but the quality of clinical trials of invasive therapeutic procedures continues to be a concern. APN/APRN- Advanced Practice Nurse/Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Nurse Practitioner (NP) Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CNA) Health information Technology (HIT)- is a broad concept that encompasses an array of technologies to store, share, and analyze health information (EMR, PHI, research, but also identified additional advantages. Among efforts underway to search for innovations to strengthen the workforce, there is a heightened … However, as teacher education is the field most advanced in thinking about portfolios (as acknowledged by other disciplines (e.g. As far as I was concerned, all the important documents representing my nursing career were a mumbo jumbo pile somewhere in between my nursing school books and my long lost … A well-developed nursing portfolio provides potential employers with a deeper understanding of the scope of your professional experience, education, evaluations and awards. Evidence-based practice is now widely recognized as the key to improving healthcare quality and patient outcomes. The methodology evolved from the evaluation of a mentoring project, involving semi-structured interviews with a number of early career teachers. Resultados: La mayoría de los estudiantes han referido una mejora en el aprovechamiento de sus prácticas gracias a la realización del portafolio. A critical decision doctoral faculty must make is deciding what is the most appropriate capstone or terminal This drew artículo se reflexiona sobre la implementación de estas nuevas metodologías activas en el contexto Practical implications window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []}; learning that is grounded in evidence-based and reflective practice, with a focus on developing professional This chapter examines the concept and the uses of electronic portfolios as pedagogical tools for adult learners, particularly in UK Higher Education, where it is part of the personal development plan (PDP) agenda on lifelong learning and widening participation. Results. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One was specifically aimed at GP principals who had completed a PDP in the year ending March 2001, and the other for members of the primary healthcare team (PHCT) who had completed a PPDP (these results are reported in an accompanying paper in this journal). Garrett BM, MacPhee M, Jackson C. Evaluation of an eportfolio for the assessment of clinical competence in a baccalaureate nursing program. Considering the results of the present study and the fact that the concept of professional capability in nursing has been the subject of few studies, there is need for more research in different countries for a more accurate definition, identification of the various aspects, and evaluation of professional capability. Evidence-based practice origins; Evidence-based practice models; Evidence-based practice instruments; Barriers to implementation of evidence-based practice; Nursing beliefs and behavior related to evidence-based practice; Evidence-based health care; Research and nursing practice clinical practice Although there was some confusion in the reported debate about MAPs and advanced practitioners, recent developments have made this confusion and occasional resentment, unsurprising. Finally, evidence from the general nursing literature suggests the complexity of e‑portfolios in assessment and evaluation can be overcome by using qualitative research methods. www.nursingtimes.net / Vol 111 No 23/24 / Nursing Times 03.06.15 23 Keywords: Advanced nursing practice/ Portfolio/Governance OThis article has been double-blind peer reviewed Authors Alison Townsend is advanced nurse practitioner for urology services; Andrea Croft is lead advanced nurse The questionnaire gathered demographic information, and GPs were asked to express their opinions on aspects of professional development, PDPs and their implementation. Digital connections may enhance your knowledge in areas such as healthcare policy, current healthcare trends, and research. Int J ePortfolio. googletag.enableServices(); Traditional résumés may still be the common method of submission for job applications, but fast-paced technological growth indicates that ePortfolios may soon be required, so why not be ahead of the game? The purpose of this article is to describe the rationale and process of using an ePortfolio as the role: trialling an e‑portfolio. Depending on the purpose of the e-portfolio, the creator often … Another option is creating your own website, using platforms such as WordPress and Google Sites. Here are just a few. Furthermore, the e-portfolio provides a means through which nurses can record and provide evidence of skills, achievements, experience, professional development and on-going learning, not only for themselves, but for the information and scrutiny of registration boards, employers, managers and peers. There was a significant A professional portfolio—whether electronic or paper—contains a summary of education, licensure, and employment history, just as a … The e-portfolio is just one tool that can be utilized by a nurse … Knowledge of how t, emphasised social and communication skills, fashion, the NPs also recounted incidents whereby, communication), e‑portfolios may be helpful f, documenting lifelong learning (Byrne et al 200. The concept of a portfolio as a collection of items that inform decision making is certainly not new and the term electronic portfolio or e-portfolio emerged in the early 1990’s concurrent with the emergence of e-learning and the World Wide Web. Purpose more efficient solutions to creating elearning resources. The current. Introducción/objetivo: la evaluación de las prácticas clínicas en enfermería es una parte fundamental en la medida que retroalimenta reflejando la evolución de su aprendizaje. A number of reasons for and advantages and disadvantages of their use were found, as well as varying ideas about what a portfolios should consist of and how it should be assessed. professional development plan, the students record individual experiences and reflections framed by a selfselected Three approaches to competence were identified, each with its appropriate forms of assessment. This column explores the inextricable link, as well as the differences between these two types of practice. LinkedIn, for example, is a s… The analysis of participants’ responses suggested that the nature of the relationship between early career teacher and mentor played a role in the emergence, or suppression, of their professional identities as physics teachers at the start of their teaching careers. identied. Lastly, standardsfor nurse practitioner, al (2004) noted the inherent complexity and depth, Nurse practitioner education in Australia and New, with support and education provided by mentors in, academic mentors and experts. Existing research highlights that institutions are looking for solutions to meet the challenges of demand for high quality elearning resources within financial and skills limitations (Allan, O'Driscoll, Simpson, & Shawe, 2013; ... Existe un interés creciente en su uso para evaluar el progreso del estudiante de enfermería en áreas tales como el pensamiento crítico, resolución de problemas y la comunicación. This study builds on a number of well-established pieces of research and concepts relating to the challenges facing early career teachers and their professional identity construction. An alternative approach is to maximize utilization of non-physician providers, including nurse practitioners (NPs) and other advanced practice nurses (APNs), physician assistants and midwives in primary care delivery. terminal requirement for a practice doctorate degree in occupational therapy. LinkedIn, for example, is a social media platform designed specifically for building career profiles and making professional connections. Full implementation is scheduled for summer 2005. Recruiters and potential employers will view your ePortfolio in different ways. of Business, Curtin University of Technology, H.A.P. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. • Outline your short- and long-term goals. a centralised model. An examination, of the portfolio and electronic portfolio literature in, postgraduate nursing education and professional, practice indicates that these portfolios fall under two, main structures, each with different purposes: 1) A, pieces aligned to competency standards or course, objectives, for the purposes of meeting prescribed, showcasing evidence for authorisation or po, ofareectivenarrativetyingevidencetogether. Objective The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. Co-MASL) in personal development planning was universally more popular than facilitator-led sessions. Before you start creating your ePortfolio, decide what platform best suits your needs. This article will analyse definitions of and approaches to competence and its measurement and to portfolios and their use as discussed in the articles identified. staff. ... Wilson (2010) shows that these are drivers for increased adoption of elearning solutions. como instrumento de evaluación de las mismas. As part of the Tertiary Education Commission’s e-Learning Collaboration Development Fund,Massey University, the Auckland University of Technology, the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington have been contracted to develop an electronic portfolio application for the New Zealand tertiary sector. El objetivo es conocer la percepción de los estudiantes acerca de las ventajas e inconvenientes de la utilización del portafolio de prácticas The authors compare advanced practice providers’ education, training, scope of practice, and quality of care with that of physicians. Nursing is one of the fastest growing professions in the United States according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.Nurses have a variety of career paths to choose from beyond hospitals and outpatient care clinics, but also places like educational services and in offices of other health practitioners. Capability is a broad concept and is not limited to one domain, but includes a wide range of individual abilities and characteristics. The use of peer-led MASLs (i.e. research. There was a consensus of opinion that professional development is part of a career pathway and helps keep GPs up to date, with 77% and 83% respectively believing this to be true. Conclusiones: los estudiantes perciben que el portafolio es un buen instrumento de evaluación para las prácticas, aunque continúa If you’re starting a job search, follow organizations that interest you and interact with them through social media by commenting appropriately on their activities and initiatives. Method: Palabras clave: educación enfermería; evaluación; prácticas clínicas; estudiantes, aprendizaje. In the Nurse Practitioner Standards Project, competence and capability were proposed as key criteria to assess candidates in nurse practitioner educational courses. New discourses in educational theory and practice which are founded on non-linear approaches to learning and teaching provide added impetus to engage in the competency/capability debate, and re-examine our approaches to computer education. addSize([470, 400], [[300,250]]). Dimensions of professional capability in nursing as identified in the present study include: individualized-based capability, Clinical judgment-based capability, research-based capability, inter-professional-based capability, clinical and practical-based capability, and Ethical practice-based capability. If you’re a student, your school may offer free access to platforms such as Portfolium or Pathbrite. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. positive where the staff already operated within a centralised model. A comprehensive literature review was conducted using the CINAHL and MEDLINE databases and the keywords competenc*, portfolios and nursing. 2013;33(10):1207-13. Secondly this paper will reflect on the implementation process that provided support for academics and students at a technical and pedagogical level. 2 This article addresses the health care provider’s work environment, the Triple Aim, and the evolution of what is known as the “Quadruple Aim.” This new knowledge is directly relevant to current decisions around cost An 81% response rate was achieved, with 277 completed questionnaires. The wider use of peers and mentors to help deaneries with educational planning is recommended. Lo Conciben como un recurso valioso que ha facilitado su proceso reflexivo, de autoevaluación generando formas de autocrítica y análisis sobre su práctica; con la posibilidad de realizar cambios para mejorarla.

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