It all depends on your personal preference and budget. And, it's light and small, meaning it's remarkably portable. It’s important to note that not all plastic yarn winders break easily. This yarn winder has an improved umbrella design meant to eliminate weak clamps and loose yarn guides in previous versions. Stanwood has been, for years, a well-known brand in the world of knitting and crocheting. The largest varieties, meanwhile, can hold more than 16 oz of yarn. Looking for affordable options? You can choose to buy a yarn swift separately after buying the winder or instead opt for a yarn winder that has a swift combined. 18.1 Using a Ball Winder and Swift; 19 Conclusion; Top 12 Best Yarn Ball Winder 2018. There are tons of reasons to love the Lacis Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder, but mostly the fact it can wind 7 oz. Due to its structure, it has firmly fixed edges. The electric yarn winders, however, speed things up a bit. The choice depends on your budget and preference. With options for the products, you can justify the length of strings to use. The machine comes with additional instructions for installing the swift winder on the desired platform, whether a desk, table, or chair. The issue of tangling yarn is rare. Today, I own a variety of yard winders, and I love each one of them. Also, make sure to consider how much yarns can the winder hold. You will find yarn winders at the low end at $89 or another at $230 after shipping. Additionally, the yarn is extra comfortable thanks to its pivoting winder and gears. If you frequently crochet or knit, you certainly need a yarn winder that can survive some serious and heavy cranking. Find here Yarn Winding Machine, Automatic Yarn Winding Machine manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. First, the electric winders do tend to be more pricey than the manual winders (like this one for about $210 after shipping). The Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella Swift are made to wind close to 250 grams of yarn, meaning it’s ideal for small and large projects. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. Stanwood Needlecraft has you covered. Free shipping. The wooden umbrella yarn winder is well designed for center pull yarn cakes. As for the clamp, I had no problem securing it to all my work desks and table edges. Yarn cakes are not unlike yarn balls. We urge buyers not to pay too much attention to price to avoid compromising on quality. The hand winders, on the other hand, are portable and can be attached to literally any counter or tabletop at home. Compared to other products, it uses a metal crank handle, unlike the plastic ones. Not everybody has plenty of room or a large working space, so it's essential to consider the winder's size before you buy one. The twister puts approximately 5 twists per 4" (100mm), so it does not produce a tight twist. Spend some time reading reviews to know if the yarn winder has a sturdy design. A few people think knitting is something old fashioned that used to be done by their grandmothers and a practice that has been forgotten. Many types of yarn muffin and yarn winders are available on sale, ranging from simple handle operated to complex wooden and electric yarn winders, which will handle most skeins’ sizes. Hague PDB 125g Electric Yarn & Wool Winder by Hagu . At first, I thought there was no need for me to buy one. Electric Yarn Winder will wind up to 250 grammes, depending on the type of yarn used and comes complete with its own Tension Mast, leaving the mast on your knitting machine free to carry on knitting while you are winding. This machine is designed to make approximately 250 grams of yarn, meaning it’s not meant for big projects. Big-pack yarns often come in skeins that require to be wound to a more compact version for convenient use. Upon purchase, the machine is delivered in a compact package size 8.6 x 3.3 x 8.6 inches. The Stanwood yarn ball winder is among the best models available on sale, and all you require is to clip it on a tabletop before use. Brand New. The fantastic part is that it allows yarn balls to a capacity of 4 ounces. There’s no auto switch off on this motorized yarn winder. And, a yarn swift holds your yarn skeins or hanks in place while winding them into balls. Why go through the struggle? It is among the top-rated for its outstanding features. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Like most premier yarn winders, this one is user-friendly. Most tend to be steady and compact, making them a good option—the difference in price causes a major gap in quality. In case of breakage, the warranty will cover everything. The wood is designed to handle complex knitting procedures. The accessory is user-friendly and ideal for beginners. I am, obviously, very disappointed. Buyers are expected to fold up the metal yarn guide away from the yarn ball winder. A few users tend to doubt whether the Knit Picks Yarn Ball Winder can withstand dozens of ‘winds’ considering the yarn holder arm is mainly made of plastic. Combining potent functionality and a beautiful design, this tool has a sturdy frame that can withstand unintentional drops and bumps. Insert the yarn’s end through the yarn guide and secure it in the notch on top of the spindle. And, this yarn winder definitely lives up to its name and hype. This is a device used by knitters and crocheters to make neat center-pull yarn balls. If you are using large skeins, you will have to divide the yarn into two before forming one cake. Durability-wise, I think this yarn winder can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Buyers claim their wrist and hand never feel pain anytime they are using this winder. We urge buyers not to turn the wider too fast as the yarn from the skein tends to slip under the spool. Although it's relatively inexpensive, this one is durable and remarkable for heavy-duty use. But, no mistake about it – this Stanwood yarn winder can do wonders for your hobby. This yarn ball winder is capable of making 10 oz. The model is compact for easy storage and can wind yarn up to 4 ounces to go into regular cakes or center-pull cakes of yarn. In case you make a mistake, the device can help you fix any problem so that you end up with a neat ball at the end of it all by its ball winder. WeaveR Electric Yarn Winder 3 Colors Yarn Cone Holder by WeaveR SA7P Fine Gauge Punch Card KM Less. To me, this machine is ideal for lightweight yarn. From shop YarnAve. It's free from noise, too! Electric Yarn Winder. A yarn winder is used to make neat center-pull yarn balls from a skein of yarn. If you are passionate about knitting technologies, a suitable yarn winder or rather the best yarn winder machine will save you time by simplifying the center pull cake winding process. Every knitter should be keen to get a yarn winder because this knitting accessory boosts productivity. You might want to check out these hints! The winder is popular for making neat pull thread yarn balls and center pull yarn cakes without using any additional equipment. Both parts, the yarn winder, and the yarn swift, can be set up and taken down in less than a minute. Looking forward to buying a wool yarn winder that is simple to set up? Amazing, right? Some may prefer a yarn ball winder. This type of machine is smooth and fast, in addition to being user-friendly. The assured thing is when you purchase an umbrella yarn winder, the problem of tangling yarn while creating yarn cakes is no more. Most people prefer manual yarn winders as they offer users total control. For smooth operation, make sure the yarn guide arm is opposite the crank winding handle as you wind the skeins during work. £32.61. Funny enough, knitting is a relaxing hobby to some, and the advancements in knitting technology have made the hobby more efficient. The winder is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you go. Pound-for-pound, this one is arguably the best yarn winder on the market today. The hosting platform, such as a table, chair, or any 1’4 thickness platform, is suitable for its smooth running. PDB2 Hague 125g Electric Yarn Winder This is the this is: one complete hague electric wool winder/yarn twister original table clamp works perfectly as you would expect. The yarn winder is, no doubt, a godsend for crochet and knitting hobbyists. The attaching instructions are used to prevent damage to the yarn winder or the tabletop. To use it, you just have to secure the yarn winder to a table with its clamp. What does it mean to the customer? First, electric yarn winders are pricier than manual winders. What makes it have this feature? The Hague 125g Electric Yarn Twister will wind/twist up to 125 grams of yarn, depending on the type of yarn used, and up to 5 thin yarns can be twisted together. The yarn machine stands out since it is easy to assemble and use. Click & Collect. This machine is designed to last for a long and is a handy tool for beginners and experienced knitters. Despite this yarn machine being small in size, you can wind up to 100 grams or 3.5 ounces nonstop. The stand is steady and can withstand pressure as you work. With its sophisticated features, it can make things a whole lot easier on your end as well as save your great deal of time. Best For Sale Yarn Swift - Wooden Umbrella or Amish? When you have to wind yarn cakes or balls by hand, it can be time-consuming and, at the same time, a little bit annoying. Like a yarn muffin, Hanks is fancier yarns specifically purchased from special shops or hand-dyed ones. The nifty little gadget transforms loose yarn into immaculate and well-kept balls. 16 oz is plenty for an average user, and this is why you need to check on size before purchasing. The Yarn Winder I Recommend. Price-wise, the electric yarn winder tends to more expensive than its manual counterparts. On the other hand, skeins are ordinary yarns from a local store and do not require special treatment during winding when you begin to wind your yarns. This could be troublesome when creating yarn cakes, and that is why we recommend buyers to choose a yarn winder that is moderate in size to avoid any extra work dividing the skein before winding. The hardwood is sturdy and can withstand any form of pressure. Upon purchase, the yarn machine comes with a manual to help you put it together, use it, and guide you on storing it away properly. The instructions are enough to get you started, in addition to the various resources available online about the machine. £20.89. It has served its purpose for different users, and they end up recommending the yarn machine to other users. To make more center pull yarn cakes than before means more creativity, and fast production with the right yarn winder at hand. Vintage KNITTING Knitking HOME TWISTER Yarn, Wool Winder, MINT / Complete in BOX. Ball yarn cakes are made using a yarn winder and have high tension. The yarn winder you choose to buy should be compatible with the skeins or hanks of yarn you will be using. The hand winders, on the other hand, are portable and can be attached to literally any counter or tabletop at home. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Yarn Winding Machine, Automatic Yarn Winding Machine across India. However, if you are a professional knitter, look for a model designed to last for long to be certain, it will fulfill your needs. We advise users to position the yarn guide arm opposite the winding handle when you wind your yarns for the best performance. This is done with the help of the yarn ball winder’s squeak-free rotation, winding yarn by converting strings into balls that are known as yarn balls. It speeds things up and makes yarn winding less frustrating. The seller refused to refund me. Wood yarn winders are sturdier compared to plastic ones. If it is a new product to you, make this review your backup plan to establish the good purchase of the yarn machine. The swift is used for wrapping bits of yarn as you wind. When you touch this winder, you'll know and feel that it's constructed to last a lifetime. When you buy through links on, We may earn an affiliate commission. Upon purchasing this yarn machine, you are assured of excellent customer service. This is a major consideration that greatly influences how well and for how many years the tool will last. And, immediately, I fell in love with this nostepinne yarn winder. Gears and clamps are a critical part of the yarn machine. You can enjoy loose gears with the metal part, helping the winding machine to function faster. This device is hand-operated, offering users total control on speed and tension and can be handled by one hand. The process of winding loose yarn by the yarn ball winder to the more manageable and organized ball is simple as you only need to turn the crank and wind. Electric Yarn Winder. It is quiet and accurate, and it doesn’t cause a disturbance, making it ideal for homestead use. This question arises as we all want a machine that will serve us for long without breaking easily. For example, buyers are advised not to wind too fast from the skein or hank as a few parts may fall out of place. There are infinite choices on today's market when it comes to yarn winder. Yarn winding machines that are more focused on using the wrist for winding yarn cause strain after continued use making them a less suitable option. Finally, if you are on a budget, our second runner up for yarn winders is the Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella design, which would be a great pick. What to Look For When Buying a Yarn Winder. They don’t seem to … It is the perfect choice for small rooms as the user can compact the whole product and keep it safe. You should get a table clamp that offers added stability to hold your yarn winder in position so that it does not move as you wind. Only opt for table clamps that offer a reasonably tight grip without leaving marks or damaging the surface of your table. It can create neat and compact yarn cakes and balls effortlessly without using any piece of heavy and innovative equipment. This winder is simple to set up and easy to work with. But, it does make things so easier than not having one. If you buy the yarn device, you’ll continue having fantastic moments and service, a great outcome and better results. Once the machine is on the table, pull the string through the iron wire and lock it on the grooved disk. A simple, easy and quick winder is what you need. While holding the geared base, turn the axis clockwise to secure. The yarn machine provides a better platform to wind on. It stands on the table during use, and there’s no reason to doubt its functionality. Note it’s simpler to wind with a swift than when you have yarn from a skein wrapped around the back of a chair. With this tool, yarn winding is such a pleasure, thanks to its smooth finish. One of the essential considerations, when looking for a yarn winder, is the size of the cake you're going to make. Furthermore, it's so simple to run and mainly used to make center-pull yarn cakes. Another feature I really like is that it barely makes any noise when it's operating. It really looks nice on my table. Unraveling a sweater directly to the umbrella creates 60% hanks. (2020), Best Electric Embossing Machine For Card Making – Comparison Reviews (2020), Best Thread For Quilting And Sewing Machine-Quality Brand Reviews (2020), Best Juki Sewing Machine – Top Home Table Reviews (2020), Best Dress Form for Sewing-Professional Fashion Dressmaker Reviews(2020), What Is Best Embroidery Machine For Beginners Perfect For Personal Use: Reviews (2020), What Is The Best Computerized Long Arm Quilting Machine-Home Use Comparison Reviews(2020). Turn the crank handle clockwise, forming the thread into a ball. A yarn ball, as its name suggests, is round-shaped and normally created by hand. This price-friendly unit will earn you time and money and enhance your knitting experience. A suitable yarn machine should come assembled and able to withstand the constant crank motion when knitting. $135.00. The most common electric yarn winder material is wood. In addition, it's lightweight, portable and so easy to install. The choice of yarn machine may define the character of the user. Getting your knitting and supplies organized has never been this easy. Home » Knitting & Crochet » Top 15 Best Yarn Winder Reviews 2020, "We hope you love the products we recommend! But, as I looked back in the past, I wish that I have bought a yarn winder sooner. This review’s next wind machine is the classic and beautiful model designed to last for a lifetime, the heavy duty Nancy’s Knit Knacks Ball Winder. The models available in this review range in shapes, and a few will best suit individuals on a budget while some are a bit expensive. Swift Yarn Fiber String Ball Wool Winder Holder Hand Operated Winding Machine UK ... Hague PDB 125g Electric Yarn & Wool Winder by Hague Knitting Accessories (PDB2) £120.00. The moment the hank is on the swift, pull out an end of the yarn and feed it through the ball winder’s guide. This winder’s capacity is four ounces but can reach up to five depending on how tight the tension is. Too much money spent for only five balls! The crucial part of the product is that it can handle constant pressure from the user. The purpose of knitting equipment differs from either commercial or household use. This is made possible due to its dimensions: 21″ x 19″ x 17″. 182 … 36 The wood used in manufacturing is durable and can withstand pressure. The crank should be smooth and even, to achieve constant tension without pulling the yard extra hard. It is smooth and quieter than the discontinued royal yarn ball winder. This instrument is purely made of plastic and alloy. Material made with wood is durable and safe to use. It’s a perfect choice when you have to create many yarn cakes out of different skeins of materials, for example, nylon material. Why would you choose Stanwood Needlecraft? Nancy’s Knit Knacks Ball Winder is a lovely handcrafted machine that will fulfill all your knitting needs. We’ve fully stocked this knitting tool kit with crochet yarn winder and knitting needles to offer convenience and versatility needed for professional or beginner DIY use. Yarn is easily placed through the guide by wrapping it in a clockwise direction, around the end coil. This is not the case for manual yarn winders as they are portable and attached to any counter or tabletop in your home. The machine contains a complete set of knitting tools. It's not bad, especially when you consider most yarn winders have the capacity of just 4 ounces. There are 192 electric yarn winder for sale on Etsy, and they cost $80.99 on average. LXD needlecraft has a standard weight of 3.96 pounds, which is about 2kg. These are our top picks for winders based on user-friendliness, portability, durability, and affordability. Avoid making a buying decision based on the cost of the yarn winder to avoid compromising on quality. Why not invest in a Windaze Manual Yarn Winder? Trust me, you need a clamp that provides added stability, so your yard winder does not move as you're winding. The Hand-Operated Yarn Winder is a sturdy unit that is easy to use. The compact size allows you to store it away in a drawer or cabinet, meaning you do not have to make room for it. Truth be told, the machine is stable and will serve your every need when creating a yarn ball. It's not built for large projects, however. Most winders are either made of plastic or wood. Well, its umbrella shape helps the yarn machine to stand out from others. And, the device doesn't need batteries because it works with 120 Volt A/C power. A pro tip for the best results in maintaining an optimal amount of tension during the entire winding process. Why spend another dollar on products that don’t define their worth? What are the features you consider when choosing the best yarn winder? Our second runner up is the Knit Pick Yarn ball Winder that is known for its portability. Not to mention, it's lightweight, portable and can be carried anywhere I want. The yarn machine falls under this category and offers value for your money. This winder can handle super bulky yarns up to 5.3 ounces. The wooden umbrella swift yarn has excellent finishing with smooth wood. This feature offers guaranteed ease of use and comfort. The machine’s size is width 4.72 inches/12 cms, and height 3.13 inches/10.5 cms. Plus, it's constructed in metal, making it amazingly sturdy. You don't have to be a whiz, equipped with a set of tools, to prepare this yarn winder. When it comes to heavy-duty winders, you can't go wrong with the Stanwood Needlecraft Large Winder. If you're a beginner, you really want something that doesn't require hours of reading the manual, just to operate it. Unlike the Stanwood Needlecraft wooden umbrella yarn winder, the pieces are designed with metal. offers 421 electric yarn winder products. 44 - $24.36 $ 24 . The reviews show that many customers trust the product to deliver quality and even exceed expectations, and they give very positive reviews. A cake, meanwhile, is made using a typical yarn winder with a more cylindrical form and a couple of flat sides. This shows the ability of the machine to perform the desired task. Note the major point for this detailed argument is to prove manual yarn ball winders are highly portable. (2020), Knitting Machines Reviews - Best For Making Swater And Home Use (2020), Best Serger Tread For Overlocker Reviews (2020), Best For Sale Yarn Swift – Wooden Umbrella or Amish?

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