Better a quick dab with the tissue outside the door than greeting your client or boss with a runny nose! Let’s hear the Ugg story! What’s a nice person like you doing in a place like this? If you do decide to purchase this particular sweater dress, then definitely order a size larger than you normally do if you want that full-on, uber-slouchy effect (This dress also does tend to run a bit small). Kat’s hit the nail on the head – no need for a puffy coat, and please, wear the kitten heel boots instead of the wellies. Just like Chicago but not quite as cold and the snow removal is (usually) a little better. Floral Scarf and Black Suit. But, out of the buffet of options available to you, how do you know what plan to go with? I would also add, have a tissue or two in your coat pocket. Not only are they incredibly versatile, and easily paired with almost any top, coat, or pair of boots out there, but they’re also insanely practical since they’ll definitely keep you super snug and warm all day long! Not only does it give me the neck support that I need to sleep on a plane, but it’s also easy to pack since it occupies a fraction of the space that a normal neck pillow does. I want something that I can wear with skirts, and pants. They’re definitely not the most glamorous item on this NYC packing list, but they’re still essential none the less. Because not only does this camera bag (it’s not a purse, it’s a satchel!) These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Avoids the hat head look, and the static, but keeping your ears warm can make all the difference. That being said, very few, if any people wear super puffy down coats here. As you get older, wiser (hopefully), and a bit more infirmed, you, and your dwindling bank account, quickly see the error of your ways. It’s 110% as un-fun as it sounds, but totally worth it once you get THAT amazing shot and feel like all TWO of your Instagram followers will be OVERJOYED. Yes, wear a hat! Whichever you choose, you will fit in. Because while you can rock that winter beanie of yours all you want: Nothing keeps your head warm and dry quite like the hood of a jacket, especially if there’s a deluge of torrential hail just waiting for you outside. Its particularly useful when it’s a blizzard outside and the snow is literally full-on, pelting you in the face. Once stepped in doggie poop on Broadway and had to clean it off shoe with a stick, but that could happen anywhere. Surprisingly, I found my black leather dress boots with a 2 inch heel on the Victoria Secret website on sale for $120 a couple years ago. Thank you so much for answering my question(s)! Corporette® is a Registered mark in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Well, not only are they SUPER warm to wear, but they’re also extremely versatile and seamlessly transition you from a casual day out, into a hot night out on the town. Wool should be fine, although I definitely prefer a slightly thicker wool (actually, wool/cashmere blend is the best!). This camera bag even has this insanely useful sleeve in the back that you can use to attach it to the handle of your rolling luggage. by girlwiththepassport | Oct 21, 2019 | New York City | 0 comments. While I wouldn’t exactly call NYC picturesque (just look at the garbage heaps and the rats the size of cats), there are a ton of beautiful parks and iconic landmarks that you’ill want to take pictures of. There’s no “shoe polish” associated with it, so there is no potential for mess–it just a buffer, really, and it is great for running over my heels or boots to remove salt or other “outside” marks and give my shoes a nice 2-second polish. I must apologize since there really aren’t any super cute, totally fashiomable waterproof socks out there. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. They’re kind of essential if you want to use your touchscreen smartphone without developing a mild case of frostbite. Let’s keep it NYC level real up in here, shall we? You can use it to wrap on the outside of your coat if need be. One of my friends has longish hair and she wears ear warmers (just google) and with her hair down you can’t even tell. 2020 updated images (New York in snow) via Stencil. This winter jacket also has to be waterproof since you never know when the weather will instantly change (and not for the better) while you’re up in NYC.. You’ll definitely want a jacket that can protect you from the seriously intense, blizzard-like conditions that NYC can throw your way. Because this bag has yet ANOTHER sleeve where you can store a 10 inch tablet, as well as a padded interior, with removable foam inserts, that create a customizable fit that will help protect all of your most coveted, uber-expensive, camera-related belongings. I live and die by these Aviator travel jeans since they are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I’ve ever worn, are true to size, make you look/feel amazing, and have five insanely large pockets (with zippers) that can even securely hold that behemoth passport of yours. If it doesn’t, you know what to buy before your next trip to New York. I recently decided to try and be a bit more organized in my old age and discovered this fantastic toiletry bag. If you do a post on this, Kat, I will comment with my own story of going to the Supreme Court with a colleague who wore Pumas…. Talk some sense into me as I’m about to quit my job. Basically every other New Yorker in the city seems to love them and swear by them during the winter. A friend of mine works at Deloitte and wears a funky sock monkey hat. It didn’t work for me, but I’m pretty sure that has to do with my hair product idiocy. If you’re looking to take some super chic, incredibly Grammable photos while in NYC, then you really can’t go wrong with a chic AF sweater dress. It says you can use it on any color leather/vinyl. What Tops to Wear to Work in the Winter pictured above, some of the classic cashmere sweaters for work (as of 2020): blue / gray V-neck / gray crew neck / blue It’s hard to beat cashmere sweaters or merino wool sweaters for warmth, and you can find them in a huge range of styles, colors, and prices. these fleece-lined, windproof driving mittens. New Yorkers love a good pair of booty poppin’, skinny jeans. Find Out Now! And speaking of tourist (terrible segway I know): There are a few other photography essentials that you might want to add to your NYC packing list (In case you were at all curious, I love my Sony A6300 Camera and its associated Sony SELP18105G E PZ 18-105mm F4 G OSS lens since both are easy to use and result in great, high-quality photos). We are finally saying a fond farewell to heinous Christmas sweaters of years gone by. But I will definitely check them out. Generally speaking, the winter season in New York City lasts from December to February. My hair has been extra static-y since winter officially arrived. Evecase Urban Life DSLR Shoulder Bag/Case. It has a super cozy, fleece interior that keeps your head warm, has an adorable knit pattern, has a cute AF pompom on top, and comes in an assortment of different colors. The wool coat should be fine. The fact that sweater dresses are super easy to either style up or down. Did it almost every day last summer, because most male partners don’t notice when you’re walking to lunch that it is difficult to walk on grates for most women. These puddles of slush actually tend to form around all of New York City’s major subway stations. I find my wool coats work fine down to -25C, but a friend from Taiwan wears her down coat around the house if the heat is below +20C, i wear a down coat around the house most of the year because im freezing all the time or two mohair cardigans under my ankle leagth down coat and thats in the day time at night i freez to death im so cold please help. – Is my thin wool coat over my suit jacket enough or should I splurge on a down coat? I provided a packing list that would allow you to pack lightly for a 10+day vacation in winter, as long as you didn’t have any … I wear one 90% of the winter in Boston and I didn’t think there was a big difference between finance/law types between NY and Boston. If you’re looking for what to wear in New York during the winter, you’ve landed on the right post. I was looking for something similar and I finally found a bunch of options there. Hm, yes, the streets can get nasty – but on the whole, it’s really not that bad. And while this is probably just common sense: I would also suggest getting a jacket that is both waterproof and stylish too! Not only is it lighter and easier to use than my other tripod, but it’s also durable enough to hold both my camera and its rather large lens and easily fits in my day bag! 1-2 sweater dresses. My advice for footwear is to not take any shoes you are attached to, especially if you will be taking the subway. If you have other great ideas on how to stay warm but business appropriate, please let me know below! Dinners depend on the neighborhood and the context. Thanks for the suggestion though! Gift Ideas for Everyone from the 2020 Nordstrom Thanksgiving Sale! Thanks, Global Warming. Take one pair of boots you can walk in and that doesn’t have stilettos so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck in cracks. Because when you’re not using this little hero of hydration: Just deflate it, roll it up, secure it with the attached strap, and, BAM, you now have a ton of space for other, way more important things like, DUH, FOOD! I would prefer to keep the cost to $150 or lower. I am hesitant to spend that much. If you’re going to an extremely upscale place, you might want to call ahead when you get a free moment, and see if the hostess can give you some guidelines (e.g., jacket + tie for men might be a more formal place for you). Eponine – I agree! What kind of weather spray do you use on your suede to protect it? If you’re wondering what shoes to wear in the winter in New York City, we recommend bringing winter … That’s a lot of jobs for one little sock to do, so we’ll just have to forego the cuteness factor on this one. If you’re visiting New York City in winter you’re 100% going to want to pack layers and all the cold weather accessories like a hat, gloves, and a scarf. I wouldn’t wear my Gortex or my hiking boots, so I won’t wear my down coat, either. Going out downtown or in Chelsea? Because while you can absolutely sport a pair of socks that you already own, they probably aren’t waterproof and can’t protect your feet from the icy cold, Grand Canyon size slush puddles that threaten to destroy your shoes and numb your feet while you trudge through the streets of NYC. As we all know, a scarf is way more than just a fabulous fashion accessory. Because I can’t even begin to tell you how important it is to have a pair of tall, high-quality, waterproof boots when walking through NYC this winter. Copyright © 2017 - 2020 Girl with the Passport | Developed by Lottie Reeves. While I can give you some GENERAL guidance as to what to wear in New York City and about what you should add to add to your New York City packing list, given the changing climate, my number one tip for you would be to check the weather RIGHT before you leave for New York City and pack accordingly. I want black/leather preferrably. Dark leather (and faux leather) pants, however, are more durable and will both keep you warm and leave you less susceptible to stains. This jacket is also incredibly easy to pack and hits right above the knee, making it the perfect length to keep you warm while simultaneously avoiding the nasty ass slush puddles that regularly develop within the wintery streets of NYC. Yup, this chick’s hand shoots straight up in the air since I am most definitely, NOT Amish. At least if you want to keep those precious little feet of yours uber-dry this winter season. Do yourself a favor and go buy a pair of these awesome socks. Yup, it’s changing. At first glance, winter in NYC sounds all romantic since idyllic images of couples skating through Rockefeller Center and sipping on an iced hot chocolate from Serendipity always swirl through your head. I sit there, wide awake, plagued by a perpetual case of insomnia and watch in total annoyance as everyone easily drifts to sleep, quietly dreaming about NYC. I would just have your financial company arrange to have a car assigned to you 18 hours / day for the work days, and on the non-work days, you can get by with a pair of fake UGGS, which I have paid only $24 @ Target. Been to NY plenty of times, but not usually for work I must say. 1) Coats: A down jacket is probably not necessary. Sorry to be so TMI but it has happened to me. Clothes to Wear in New York in Winter. Dinner with work colleagues in midtown? Do You Limit Social Media For Your Kids? Travel insurance is probably THE most boring thing to talk about…EVER! There are also two adjustable shoulder straps, one detachable crossbody strap (use this in museums that don’t allow backpacks), and a slew of interior and exterior pockets to keep you uber-organized while strolling through NYC. Find out now! But trust me, I’m a local. Those Canadians know how to make good winter gear! New Yorkers love a head-to-toe outfit in black, so black denim, a cozy thick sweater, and black puffer with blank ankle boots will have you fitting right in! So, if you do visit NYC during the holidays, you’ll still have PLENTY of things to do and places where you can eat. Thanks! Read on my intrepid traveler because I’m about to reveal everything on my very own, personal, NYC Winter Packing List! The fact that these jeans are incredibly well made and will probably last longer than any cockroach on the planet since they’re durable, flexible, and breathable. Winter (December, January, February and March) is absolutely freezing, so layer up. And don’t be afraid to bargain with the black cars idling by – they can be a lifesaver in bad weather when there are no cabs around! • • • #russia #moscow #streetstyle #travelstyle #travelinstyle #jeans #summertravel #summerisntover, A post shared by AVIATOR (@aviatorusa) on Aug 28, 2019 at 12:02pm PDT. 4. Pictured above: great long underwear, $9-$145: one / two / three / four. For example, if you’re going on a date and want to change into something more alluring, I used to just swap an element of my outfit — change to higher heels, jeans, perhaps a lower top or more clingy sweater — rather than changing my entire outfit. If I lived in cold weather I would invest in boots by La Canadienne for the winter and save my stilettos for the summer. 6. What to Wear in New York | Winter Style / New York is known for fashion. That’s why, it’s always important to have a scarf that you can wrap around your nose and mouth, thus protecting yourself from those aforementioned, icy annoyances. You might end up walking to dinner or the office because it will take less time than waiting to find a cab. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Another YES for La Canadienne boots! The look is sharper and more professional, they’re more comfortable because they’re less bulky, and they’re just as warm. I break out my long wool coat for really formal events only, and short wool coats for warmer days. Christmas Lights at Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. Not only does it come with a durable hanging hook that makes everything 10,000 times easier to find, but it also has a sturdy zipper, a breathable mesh pouch, a strong handle, and is big enough to hold just about anything you could every need. My ears are very sensitive, so I wear the 360 degree, behind-the-head ear warmers a lot. No guide on what to wear in New York in winter would be complete without a super chic pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Leave the suede shoes at home – they’ll be ruined in the salt/ice/rain. Especially for a California girl – if you’re not going to wear a hat, I’d suggest one of those “infinity” scarves. Just to chime in, I would also like to hear the Uggs story. I may be a glorified travel disaster, but that doesn’t mean I wanna look like a hobo while I’m walking through the super snazzy, uber-posh streets of NYC. As a lifelong Southern California Girl, I am totally clueless how to navigate the weather and still look professional? 3. My point is that if you will be going out with people from the NY office who younger, you may want to think about a slight outfit change. Fleece Lined Leggings. I’d rather wear frumpy boots for a few blocks than ruin my nice leather shoes because of salt. You really can’t go wrong with any of the clothes on that you’ll find on Aviator’s site. Tims (AKA Timberlands) aren’t just a shoe, they’re a way of life. No judgment here. Yeah, I was gonna hire a brass band and have an avatar shoot themselves across your screen from a canon, but then I remembered that I have no idea how to do those things and that my time and money would probably be better spent elsewhere. Note to self: look for good winter gear in cold places :). You might want to bring a thin cloth bag with you to put the walking shoes in. However, I think that I actually found some on Talbots website I liked between $90-$120 :). or get eaten by a rogue shark if I wasn’t using the GPS on my phone 24/7, 365 days a year. Also, if you’re more comfortable in skirts the fleece lined tights are amazing! They look so much more polished and professional than Hunter Wellies when I’m commuting into the office, and the ones with a wedge heel have enough traction for snowy slippery days, and elevate me above the dreaded slush piles Kat mentions. As for the other excreta you mentioned, if you are aware, there is no need for you to step in them. I also keep makeup, higher heels, & the occasional accessory in my desk. My fall and spring jacket for New York City is a medium weight wool peacoat that I can fit a sweater underneath for winter. I think your price point might be too low for real leather. Go forth, buy travel insurance, and be the awesome traveler that I know you are. Explore Central Park. So good luck to you, and let us know how you make out! As a seasoned New Yorker and over my career as a stylist over the past year, I’ve nailed down the items one … Hoping to inspire everyone Work Hard, Dress Well and Travel Often. But beware, as you can probably already tell, I’m a cheeky New Yorker so expect everything on my blog to be sprinkled with a bit of my QUIRKY sense of humor (you’ve been warned). Traveling Working Moms Share Their Top Tips for Frequent Work Travel, Must-Have Maternity Dresses for the Office. I highly recommend these socks by Randy Sun (Thanks Randy! Meaning that you can now layer your clothes in NYC until your little heart’s content! And any pair of jeans that make me look like I’ve lost weight are totally cool by me. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit! Just do yourself a HUGE favor and try not to over complicate your NYC winter packing list by wearing layer upon layers of pants. Nice gloves, a warm scarf and a (stylish) hat are good bets. Definitely worthwhile to invest in La Canadienne! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Skip Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center. No hats! In my last post I talked about how New York City was a popular Christmas destination. Car service home when working late (after 8 or 9) is reasonable, but not a universal perk. In fact, I would go so far to say that unless there is a blizzard expected (such as our recent Snowpocalypse) or it has been raining for days, you should just wear your regular boots. I think I see down coats a technical wear. A bag that’s big enough to hold all of your day trip essentials, but not so big that you’ll develop back problems. Don’t forget about lotion and chapstick or lip balm of some sort–dry, cold air can really do a number on your skin and hair (which also means that you should choose a good hat to avoid hat head/static but also keep your ears warm!). I just ordered a pair from Talbots for $120. — then the structured wool hat is a cute look — like a cloche. New York finance types also tend to be much more formal than they were a few years ago, so I’d leave the Wellies for commuting only. The city can get quite cold, with average daily highs of 44 degrees Fahrenheit (on a good day) and average nightly lows of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Enjoy the city, it truly is one of the best places. And some of the streets – especially in Lower Manhattan – aren’t very spiffy either. 2 pairs of pants – This might include jeans and a pair of black pants. Try and purchase a sim card for your unlocked phone prior to your visit so that you don’t get hit with a ton of data overages while using the internet to navigate the not so mean streets of NYC (FYI: This is only applicable if you’re visiting from outside the US and don’t have a cell phone plan that includes this country). Carpets and rugs insulate wood floors and reduce heat loss and is less cold on your bare feet. Today I’m sharing the top five “boring” winter essentials I can verify that every girl in the city owns. I’m actually leaving for this trip on Sunday so the timing couldn’t be better. First, I would say this really depends on your trip. So you’ll basically need the same essentials that you would for any other major city on earth. Also – your firm’s offices in NY may have an in-house cobbler or just a “guy” who makes the rounds and can take care of any emergency fixes. 5. Yeah, I know first hand since I hate cooking). I’ve worn it with a skirt to work (I work in publishing) in rain & snow and it’s fine for walking distances too since it’s Merrell. Really cute. Not only do they cover you in almost any country that you might want to travel to, (besides SUPER offbeat places like Pakistan), but they also give you an amazing level of coverage, make it super easy to customize your plan, and even let you extend/change your policy while you’re still traveling. If you really feel cold, you can pop into a dept store and get a good coat with the post Xmas sales, I should think…. Keep in mind that if you’re visiting the shoreline, the weather tends to be milder (warmer with less snow in the winter and cooler in the summer) than inland Connecticut. I tried the same thing, and couldn’t find real leather boots that came to my knee for less than $200. Spray static guard on your hairbrush. It’s not THAT serious…or maybe it is…)! The sole, unlike many other boots, is textured rubber, so it actually provides traction in the snow and ice. I think it might be personal comfort levels, though. Sweater Dress. I’m not sure it totally fits your lower heel height requirement but I thought that they might be extra comfortable based on the brands:, (these are a little more price-y but I think I saw them more on sale elsewhere – maybe Nordstrom’s?). Though I do want to try the ear muffs I see people wearing all the time…. But, fear not, because that’s where this little miracle of modern technology comes in. You will definitely need warm accessories– scarf, gloves and a hat or ear warmers. The first rule of travel is that you can never EVER have too many pockets (please tell me you get the Fight Club reference?). It’s beyond imperative that I keep my phone fully charged and ready to go at ALL times. You’ll likely be in some steakhouse/expense account place and suits with a low heel are fine. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Ask a secretary or female colleague, its a pretty standard service. Just make sure you wipe off your boots, or stop at one of the many shoeshine places (check train stations and hotels if you don’t see one) to get rid of the salt that might get deposited on them if it’s slushy. After you’ve made the first trip, then you’ll have a better idea of what you need to buy to be prepared for future trips. Whether your preference is for fake or the real thing, you are well advised to have a very thick warm coat, gloves and scarf. But really, talk about huge regrets.). I’m interested to hear what the readers say on this one. I have a pair of cognac colored leather boots (knee height) from Bandolino that I bought on endless. What is the appropriate place to wear a sweater dress anyways?! Sweater dresses are one of my ultimate, go-to pieces when enduring, I mean frollicing through, winter in NYC. It’s me, Kelly, the face behind Girl with the Passport! Wear Your Outerwear. The mechanics of this can be tricky, but you can probably leave your boots in the office coat closet, or wherever you put your jacket. Not only is it 100% functional, but this bag has also survived my recent foray into life as a digital nomad. If you’re planning to do some carry on only travel to NYC, then definitely opt for the larger of the two bags. And the amount of damage you’re likely to do to your boots in a week is not that bad as long as you’re careful where you step. It is literally the worst thing ever. Because one guy actually submerged these socks in a sink full of icy cold water (and yes, it was while he was wearing them). It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I too have been tempted to save a few dollars (or yen, pounds, pesos, euros, etc.) You da’ man!). Have a great trip! Best-selling waterproof, weatherproof shoes, above: one / two / three / four / five. NYC definitely knows how to create decadently delicious food that you just CAN’T say no to. So yeah, Manfrotto for the win!). And while we’re at it, add some Advil to your NYC packing list too. Also, one more thing to be aware of is your bag. I’ll basically curl up into the fetal position while sucking my thumb and quietly rocking back and forth like a new born baby. 2. If you layer it with a wool scarf or wrap, a hat, and good gloves, you should be fine for all but the most blustry days. Take off your suit jacket if you want, but otherwise no change required (you’ve already changed into your walking shoes by this point). Also, I live in the South, so there isn’t a whole lot of boot wearing weather as it is (maybe 6-8 weeks out of the year where it would be for real warmth purposes). Also know that in most major cities, a selfie stick is kind of like the hallmark of a naive and unsuspecting tourist. Below we have included a detailed monthly list of the the average high and low temperatures … I wear cloches all the time, and adore them. “Not from NYC”‘s comment reminded me of my friend from Canada who came to visit. What did you do in lockdown round one that worked for you? Or, spray a little on your hands to smooth down some of the static. There is an art to navigating our sidewalks. What you don’t see, is exactly what happens to all that beautiful, white, powdery snow about an hour or two after it hits the ground. Bringing your outerwear onto the plane is the best option when you're traveling to chilly New York in the winter. A collapsible water bottle is not an item on this NYC packing list that will be bringing sexy back any time soon. Finally, you should consider doing something different while in NY City. But, yes, hat/scarf/gloves will be key. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. NYC really is one of the fashion capitals of the world. It’s New York City; if you really need something while you’re there, you can get it easily. I don’t think that should change what you bring, but it’s worth knowing in advance. The weather outside may be frightful, but the radiator heat in many older New York City buildings can have you feeling steamy pretty ... 3. COLLAPSIBLE WATER BOTTLE (THIS ITEM WILL SAVE YOU A TON OF MONEY ON BOTTLED WATER WHILE VISITING NYC). If the battery on my phone actually does die, it’s like a Defcon 5 level emergency. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. To the questioner – since you’ll only be there a week and you say you’ll be making this trip regularly, I suggest you don’t buy anything new in advance of this trip. If you’re a travel blogger like me and carry a camera, laptop, tablet, and phone, all of which cost well over a $1000, then the explorer plan is the way to go since it will reimburse you for any gear that is lost or stolen while you’re away from home (PSST: Both plans also offer emergency medical coverage of up to $100,000). Love NYC, love the people and the energy of the city. How Is Your Family Celebrating Thanksgiving in 2020? Worst case scenario – I know people who rub Bounce dryer sheets on their heads. So glad you stopped by and super happy to meet you. Layer up. If you’ve done a ton of walking and find your heels have worn unevenly, when you get home you may want to take them to the cobbler to get a new rubber heel put on the boots. 1. I’d taken her around on NJTransit, LIRR and car so when we finally stepped on to the subway, she said she had to take a shower when she got home, no matter what, even though she’s typically not the germophobe type. It’s comes in black, the one color that ALL New Yorkers love since it’s slimming and pairs well with everything (Wearing black also makes you look like a super-savvy local). If you’re going to an extremely upscale place, you might want to call ahead when you get a free moment, and see if the hostess can give you some guidelines (e.g., jacket + tie for men might be a more formal place for you). My roommate met a guy from Estonia on the ferry, and they hooked up for a month before he had to return home. Some other electronics that you might want to pack include a tablet with a keyboard, a lightweight laptop, and an e-reader, like a Kindle. It’s knee-length and faux fur-trimmed. In Boston you might think your briefcase is going to blow away; not so in NYC. It’s a pretty diva move to demand round-the-clock car service in a city with excellent public transportation and tons of taxis. Well, I’m so glad you theoreticaly asked. No NYC winter look would be complete without a kick ass scarf! – How do most people in NY handle the office to dinner? If you wear a down coat over a suit you risk overheating/sweating. If it works for you, let me know! (I have a sad, sad story about wearing Uggs to dinner with my senior partner and a client, but we shall have to save that for another day. Examples include walking on a busy street, shopping in stores, seeing your doctor, dining at a restaurant (when not Don’t forget to pack extra Ziploc bags to store your wet clothes in or to keep your electronics dry, in case of an impromptu torrential downpour. I usually sport the dark wash, or black, jeans since I think they look a little nicer. Real Talk: If you listen to only one thing I … First Things First Though. When it comes to winter in NYC, you’re gonna have to make some tough choices, and pack smart. Helps to cut down on the static. The tube is sweltering, the streets are freezing and the office goes from icy to … If you are arriving on a smaller plane (probably not since you are coming from the west coast?) I personally prefer ear warmers, but a hat is great too. Well, as a veritable maven of travel mishaps, I’m the type of person who would trip over an escaped tiger and plummet down the side of a cliff, and end up in a full body cast, after a casual stroll through Central Park. “But it’s New York City! I always end up standing out on the tarmac at LGA for a couple of minutes waiting for my gate-checked luggage, and it can get windy! I’ve never had to throw away a pair of shoes from living here — I imagine it would get very expensive to do that as a resident. It keeps me a little warmer and I think it looks nice. All the female lawyers at my firm (in Toronto) wore La Canadienne during the fall and winter months. If you need to come up with a dressy outfit to wear in New York City for Winter, block-heeled booties are awesome. New Yorkers wear a lot of fur in the winter – for a reason. Reader B has some good questions about navigating a New York winter: I work for a global financial firm and will be heading to Manhattan for a week-long business trip in mid-January out of our NY offices. I also prefer flat boots or ones with solid heels for walking in winter. NYC Winter Outfits: For daytime sightseeing and walking, jeans and fleece-lined leggings work well. This hat is one of the best purchases that I’ve made on Amazon. Down coats make more sense in a colder climate than New York. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I want the boots to be knee length. 2. Perfectly reasonable for your average freezing cold commute. New York City is really good about removing snow from sidewalks. And while I may not be able to save myself from acute spillage of the least attractive kind: I can do a little incognito damage control and whip out this little cleaning wand of wonder (as well as a handy little moist towelette) to clear away any residual evidence of my not-so-lady like ways. It even comes in an array of different colors that are sure to appeal to a multitude of different personal styles.

what to wear to work in new york winter

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